The 3 oldest casinos in history

The 3 oldest casinos in history

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Games of chance have been with us since the beginning of civilization. From clapboard games to gambling on the most bloodthirsty gladiator, humanity has entertained itself by predicting events of all kinds. Some casinos have been in business for hundreds of years, standing the test of time.

From the first casino in Venice to the legendary casinos of Las Vegas, these constructions have housed millions of players around the world.

Gambling is one of the most popular forms of entertainment today, both in its physical mode and in its online mode on sites such as

It is no coincidence that, for this reason, many of these establishments still exist. Here is a list of the oldest casinos in the world.

The first casino in the world originates from Italy. In fact, the word casino means country house in Italian, referring to the villas in the country where the nobility and the upper class used as a place of recreation.

In 1509, in the city of Venice, the first casino in history was built, although it was not until 1638 when it began to function as a casino under the name of him. Ridotto of Saint Moses.

Players with financial resources could bet on different game modalities such as roulette, blackjack, poker and slots, not much different from current games.

Among the stories that this casino has experienced are, for example, the death of the composer Richard Wagner within its facilities, and having suffered a terrible blow in 2010, when thieves stole a figure of thousands of euros.

In Wiesbaden, a city in southwestern Germany, is the second oldest casino on this list. The Kurhaus Casino Wiesbaden, inaugurated in 1810, it has a high-end and elegant interior decoration.

With a façade of taps and Corinthian columns, it is one of the best-preserved casinos. In addition to its gaming facilities, it has a luxury spa, restaurants, theater and concert hall.

The Wiesbaden casino, Spielbank in German, is one of the most important casinos in Germany due to the size of its facilities and the volume of players it receives year after year, being one of the most influential gaming halls in Europe,

Undoubtedly, when we talk about Casinos, Las Vegas and its boulevards of lights and luxury hotels always come to mind. The Golden State Casino was the first casino built in this city in the State of Nevada.

In 1905, John F. Miller He was one of the pioneers in realizing the potential of Las Vegas, and he bought land where he built the Hotel Nevada. In 1906, the facilities also housed a casino with roulette and blackjack games, opening the door to the rest of the casinos in this city.

The Golden Gate Casino is famous for having popularized the mythical prawn cocktail, prepared with a crystal glass, tabasco, Worcester sauce and a touch of lemon.

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