The Capitol and other places with history to discover in Washington

The Capitol and other places with history to discover in Washington

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If we think of the United States, and specifically its capital, Washington, history goes back 200 years. Few years for how time is measured and the legacy of other cities, especially those that we find in Europe. But what makes it peculiar and different is that Washington was carefully designed and built.

Although previously the title of capital was held New York and PhiladelphiaSince 1800, the so-called capital of democracy is named after the first president of the United States.

If you are planning to travel to the United States, we recommend that you stay in Washington. From here we will try to inspire and convince you, with the places you can go, things to do, and soak up its short, but interesting history that is reflected in its monuments.

When starting to plan a destination, it is advisable to let us advise with the preparations that must be taken into account before the trip: vaccinations, information about the place, climate, language, insurance, health, currency, recommended days of stay, excursions, etc. One of the things we suggest to do in advance is to have the necessary documentation: mainly passports and visas.

In the case of Spanish citizens who wish to travel to the United States, they do not need a visa if the reason for the trip is for tourism or business and if the stay is less than 90 days.

But it is necessary to process a travel authorization requestTHIS, that selects visitors. The reason for its implementation was to strengthen the country's security and protection measures.

The procedure is easy and fast and is done online, you must fill out aform online, the data is verified and if you meet the requirements, you will receive the authorization electronically. It is valid for 2 years as long as the electronic passport is valid.

It is a pre-travel authorization and Spain is one of the Visa-exempt countries, although this does not guarantee admission to the United States, ESTA is only a mandatory permit to travel or transit through it.

Already inWashington, it is essential to start our visit by the National Esplanade or National Mall, because here the most important monuments meet.

The capitol It houses the congress, made up of two legislative bodies: the Senate and the House of Representatives, and a visitor center with exhibition halls, restaurants, a projection room, where the political life of the federal capital is remembered.

The rotunda is the core of the Capitol, with a vault painted at 55 meters with scenes from the War of Independence. The building has undergone several extensions, due to deterioration or lack of space.

During the visit you can visit the senators' offices or witness sessions, with special passes requesting them in advance with prior reservation.

The Library of Congress It deserves a special attention and stop on our visit. More than 100 million books houses this building joined to the previous one by means of a tunnel.

The White House, the most famous official residence in the world, where you visit the east wing. The Red Room, the Blue Room and the Green Room, the state dining room, the Chinese room and the rose garden, upon request and reservation of tickets through the embassy.

We can admire the huge Obelisk, as a tribute to its founder, the first president, and that it took 40 years to build.

And thehistory remember his famous characters like Roosevelt, Luther King, Thomas Jefferson or The Lincoln Memorial, erecting monuments to them, many of them advocating the freedom, unity and democracy of the country, or paying homage to the fallen.

Famous for the movies, theArlington National Cemetery, is another of the corners that are loaded with history and stories in Washington, 250 hectares with tombstones of soldiers killed in the Civil War, in the two World Wars, in Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan or Iraq, of the most recent history.

There are museums that make us look back in history as:

  • Museum of the History of the United States, with belongings of the presidents of the USA and collections of objects of the cinematographic industry.
  • Military History.
  • Air and Space Museum, takes us to commemorate the first flights of man on Earth and on the Moon. We found the Wright brothers' plane from the Apollo XI space shuttle.
  • The natural history museum. Dinosaurs, Fossils, skeletons, animals, nature in general.
  • The National Museum of the American Indians. It brings us closer to the rich past and present culture of these natives.
  • The Holocaust museum with photographs of the Nazi genocide.
  • Naval Museum.

Take a break in its Parks, stroll through the potomac river, or delighting in the 3000 Japanese cherry trees donated in 1912, complete the tour of the most emblematic corners of this city.

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