The Archaeological Zone of Xochicalco shows 10 pieces in 3D

The Archaeological Zone of Xochicalco shows 10 pieces in 3D

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Thanks to the implementation of an augmented reality application, "Xochicalco AR Mexico", Now we can enjoy 10 pieces that were found in the archaeological zone in 3D.

The intention of the app is show the exact place where they were found, with the aim of showing the true importance of this place that was declared in 1999, World Heritage by UNESCO.

The application is available since last April 12 for smartphones and tablets, and can be used in different points of the archaeological zone to be able to see the pieces in augmented reality in the exact place where they were found.

The points where it is enabled are identified by a small green and black base, and are located at the access, the Ramp of the Animals, Temazcal, Temple of the 3 Stelae, East Ball Court, Altar Cave, Portico 4 and in the Acropolis.

The pieces that can be seen in augmented reality are:

  • Starfish
  • Fleshy jaguar
  • Lord in Red
  • Character of Xochicalco
  • Mother Earth
  • Ball Court Hoop
  • Puma with bow
  • Lord of Serpents
  • Half Moon
  • Polychrome Censer

Image: Stock Photos - By Noradoa at Shutterstock

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