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A town at the east end of Long Island, N.Y.

(PC-567: dp. 450; 1. 173'8", b. 23'0", dr. 10'10"; s. 22 k.;

cpl. 65; a. 1 3", 1 40mm., 3 20mm., 2 dct., 4 dcp., 2 rkt.;cl. PC-642)

Riverhead (PC-567) was laid down as PC.-567 on 15 September 1941 by the Brown Shipbuilding Co., Houston, Tex.; launched 11 April 1942, sponsored by Miss Naney Nelson Brown, and commissioned 27 June 1942, Lt. J. E. Allen in command.

Following shakedown off Miami, PC-567 escorted merchant and Navy ships between Key West and Guantanamo Bav, Cuba, until December 1942. She then performed similar convoy work between Guantanamo Bav and Trindad until she shifted to the New York-Guantanamo Bav escort run in March 1943. During this period she made several attacks on sonar contacts thought to be enemy submarines.

In March 1944, PC-567 steamed for England in company with a convoy and other escorts, arriving at Plymouth on 18 April. From that date until June, she prepared for the Normandy invasion. In that historic operation, PC-567 served as an amphibious control vesscl. Shortly before H-hour on 6 June, she steamed to a position approximately one-half mile off Omaha Beach to direct amphibious units to the beachhead for the initial landings. Air raids followed the D-day operations for 32 consecutive nights.

From August to November, PC-567 was assigned to Cherbourg, France, where she patrolled and escorted convoys. After repairs in Le Havre, she performed antisubmarine patrols and reported incoming and departing convoys to the port director. On 6 June 1945 she steamed for Miami. Then, after operations from Miami, Kev West, Mayport, and Norfolk, she reported for inactivation at Green Cove Springs Fla., on 26 ADril 1946. She decommissioned 12 July 1946 and entered the Atlantic Reserve Fleet. Named Riverhead on 15 February 1956, the ship remained in reserve at Green Cove Springs until loaned to the Air Foree in April 1960. She was struck from the Navy list on 15 March 1963 prior to permanent transfer to the U.S. Air Force.

PC-567 earned one battle star for World War II service.

Riverhead (town), New York

Riverhead is a town within Suffolk County, New York, on the north shore of Long Island. Since 1727, Riverhead has been the county seat of Suffolk County, [3] though most county offices are in Hauppauge. [4] As of the 2010 census, the population was 33,506. The town rests on the mouth of the Peconic River, from which it derives its name. The smaller hamlet of Riverhead lies within it, and is the town's principal economic center. The town is 166 miles (267 km) southwest of Boston via the Orient Point-New London Ferry, and is 76 miles (123 km) northeast of New York City.

In the beginning of the 20th century, the town saw an influx of Polish immigrants. [5] This led to the creation of Polish Town, a section of the Town and County seat where the popular Polish Town Fair is held annually. [6]

Riverhead is the agricultural apex of Long Island, with 20,000 of the 35,000 acres of the island's farmland located within the town. The town is also home to four separate beaches which are open year round. Iron Pier, Wading River, and Reeves Beach each offer boating access for residents and visitors alike. [5]

Riverhead, New York Home Page

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Brown Shipbuilding

The Brown Shipbuilding Company was founded in Houston, Texas, in 1942 as a subsidiary of Brown and Root (now KBR) by brothers Herman and George R. Brown to build ships for the U.S. Brown Shipbuilding_sentence_0 Navy during World War II. Brown Shipbuilding_sentence_1

Brown Shipbuilding Company ranked 68th among United States corporations in the value of World War II military production contracts. Brown Shipbuilding_sentence_2

In 1941, Navy officials asked the Brown brothers to build four submarine chasers. Brown Shipbuilding_sentence_3

The brothers had no shipbuilding experience, but had helped build Naval Air Station Corpus Christi. Brown Shipbuilding_sentence_4

In 1942, the brothers formed Brown Shipbuilding and, with $9 million in Navy funding, built the Green's Bayou Fabrication Yard at the juncture of the Houston Ship Channel and Green's Bayou. Brown Shipbuilding_sentence_5

After delivering the ships, Brown received orders for landing craft and more sub chasers, and eventually won an order for destroyer escorts at $3.3 million per ship. Brown Shipbuilding_sentence_6

Between May 1943 and August 1944, Brown turned out 61 destroyer escorts, an average of one per week. Brown Shipbuilding_sentence_7

Perhaps the most famous was USS Samuel B. Roberts, part of the outgunned Taffy 3 unit that turned back a Japanese battleship force during the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Brown Shipbuilding_sentence_8

Brown also built 254 amphibious assault ships, known as LSMs, between May 1944 and March 1946. Brown Shipbuilding_sentence_9

By the end of the war, it had produced over 350 Navy warships in contracts totaling over $500 million. Brown Shipbuilding_sentence_10

After the war, the shipyard was sold to Todd Shipyards. Brown Shipbuilding_sentence_11

After Todd’s Houston division closed in 1985, the yard was once again used by Brown and Root, this time for barge construction and repair. Brown Shipbuilding_sentence_12

The property was sold piecemeal to multiple buyers in 2004. Brown Shipbuilding_sentence_13

In 1961, the company won the $200 million contract to build the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston, Texas. Brown Shipbuilding_sentence_14

Riverhead PC-567 - History

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A controversial artifact from the SCHS permanent collection believed by some to have been made by Captain John Hulbert of Bridgehampton and carried by him and his militiamen from Fort Ticonderoga to Philadelphia in 1775 where, after having been seen by representatives at the Continental Congress, it might have influenced the design of the first American flag. The flag has been examined by a number of experts who remain divided over the oral tradition of the flag's origins. The Hulbert Flag remains one of the best known and most discussed artifacts in the society's collections.

Our Mission:
Founded in 1886, the mission of The Suffolk County Historical Society is to collect, preserve and interpret the ongoing history of Suffolk County, NY and its people.


Our Annual Charitable Appeal is now in progress! Please consider making a donation to help us continue bringing history, culture, exhibits, and educational programs to the community. Thank you so much for your help!

300 West Main Street, Riverhead, NY 11901

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This week in Riverhead history: Home Depot opens, Rockefeller visits, rat attacks baby

10 years ago

Home Depot era begins in Riverhead

Six years after it was first proposed, Home Depot opened its Riverhead store May 16, 2002, Tim Gannon reported in that day’s Riverhead News-Review.

The store opened while legal battles over the Riverhead Centre shopping center continued to play out in court, we wrote.

The 395,000 square-foot project had originally included plans for a movie theater, but that was later swapped out for the additional retail at the site today.

Tears of joy: First league title, Mack sets 200 record

It was a moment, an embrace, that will never be forgotten.

Shana Mack, the heart and soul of the Riverhead girls track and field team, had just won the 200 meters in a school record time of 25.5 seconds May 14, 2002, wrote sports writer Chuck Adams in that week’s issue of the Riverhead News-Review.

The Waves also clinched their first ever league title that day with a 125-25 home win over Centereach.

“I was so happy for everybody,” Mack, a senior, said afterward. “But I was also a little upset because this was our last home meet. This is the best team we ever had.”

Postscript: The current girls 200 meter mark at Riverhead is 25.09 seconds, set in 2007 by Angela Smith, who also holds the school’s 100 meter record and a share of two relay standards.

15 years ago

West Main Street motel reborn

As town officials prepare to crack down on illegal rentals and “welfare motels” allegedly being used as permanent residences, one Riverhead motel owner says she’s turned her motel around in just one year, we wrote in the May 15, 1997 issue of the Riverhead News-Review.

Diann Scott purchased the Swiss Motel on West Main Street in May 1996 with the hopes of turning it into a family-friendly tourist destination, we wrote.

“I won’t say what used to be here,” she told us. “Let’s just say we now charge nightly rates, not hourly rates.”

Postscript: Ms. Scott no longer owns the Swiss Motel.

Shoreham-Wading River’s no-hit wonders

Perhaps the nickname of the Shoreham-Wading River baseball and softball teams should be changed to the no-hitters, we wrote in the May 15, 1997 issue of the Riverhead News-Review.

That’s because softball pitcher Kim Hespos and baseball pitcher Chip Pidgeon had combined to throw two no-hitters a piece over a one-week stretch. As of May 15 of that year, the duo had combined to throw seven on the season, with Hespos having thrown five of them.

Postscript: Pidgeon would go on to play two seasons in the Mets farm system. Hespos played college ball at Susquehanna University.

50 years ago

Governor to visit Riverhead

Nelson Rockefeller visited Riverhead for the first time as governor on May 18, 1962, we wrote in that week’s News-Review.

The highlight of the 2 1/2 hour visit was a speech by Governor Rockefeller at a luncheon hosted by the Riverhead Chamber of Commerce at the Perkins Inn. About 400 people attended the luncheon.

Postscript: At the time of his first visit, Mr. Rockefeller, who later served as vice president to Gerald Ford, had already been in office as governor for more than three years.

75 years ago

Way too many people flocking to beautiful downtown Riverhead

The following letter was written by Riverhead police chief Thomas J. Walker and published in the May 14, 1937 issue of the Riverhead News: “As a courtesy to the many shoppers who are coming to Riverhead these days, let me urge the merchants, and Riverhead people generally, to carefully observe the two-hour parking rule and park their cars in the unrestricted areas. It will be helpful all around.”

100 years ago

Big rat attacks baby

John, the 3 1/2-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Flynn, was severely bitten on one thumb by an immense rat on May 8, 1912, we wrote in the following week’s issue of The Riverhead News.

Mrs. Flynn found her baby’s night clothes covered with blood moments after hearing him scream loudly, we wrote. It was later found that his thumb had been bitten in three places.

The boy’s father then spent the next half-hour attempting to find the rat, a rifle in his hands, we wrote.

“I’ll get you yet,” declared Mr. Flynn. “If I have to burn the house down.”

Instead, he put poison in a bowl of cornmeal and left it out overnight, we reported. The next morning he found the rat dead alongside the bowl.

Grant Parpan is the content director for Times Review Media Group. A veteran journalist of more than 15 years, the Ridge native joined the Times Review Staff in 2006.

Looking to comment on this article? Send us a letter to the editor instead.

Barna hajóépítés - Brown Shipbuilding

A Brown Shipbuilding Company- t 1942-ben , a texasi Houston- ban alapították a Brown and Root (ma KBR ) leányvállalataként Herman és George R. Brown testvérek, hogy hajókat építsenek az Egyesült Államok haditengerészetének a második világháború alatt . A Brown Shipbuilding Company a 68. helyet foglalta el az Egyesült Államok nagyvállalatai között a második világháborús katonai gyártási szerződések értékében.

1941-ben a haditengerészet tisztviselői felkérték a Brown testvéreket, hogy építsenek négy tengeralattjáró üldözőt . A testvéreknek nem volt hajóépítési tapasztalatuk, de segítettek a Corpus Christi haditengerészeti légi állomás felépítésében . 1942-ben a testvérek alakult Brown hajóépítés és a $ 9 millió Navy finanszírozás, építette a Green Bayou gyártási Yard a helyzetben a Houston Ship csatorna és Green Bayou. A hajók leszállítása után Brown megrendeléseket kapott leszálló vízi járművekről és további hajóhajtókról, végül hajónként 3,3 millió dollár értékben elnyerte a romboló kíséretek megrendelését.

1943 májusa és 1944 augusztusa között Brown 61 romboló kíséretből állt ki, átlagosan hetente egy. Talán a leghíresebb az USS Samuel B. Roberts volt , a túlzott Taffy 3 egység része, amely visszafordította a japán csatahajókat a Leyte-öböl csatája során . Brown emellett 1944 májusa és 1946 márciusa között 254 kétéltű támadóhajót , LSM- ként ismert, épített . A háború végére több mint 350 haditengerészeti hadihajót gyártott szerződésben, összesen több mint 500 millió dollár értékben.

A háború után a hajógyárat eladták a Todd Hajógyáraknak . Miután Todd houstoni részlege 1985-ben bezárult, az udvart ismét Brown és Root használta, ezúttal bárkák építésére és javítására. Az ingatlant darabonként több vevőnek adták el 2004-ben. 1961-ben a társaság elnyerte a 200 millió dolláros szerződést a texasi Houston-ban lévő Manned űrhajóközpont megépítésére .

History: Old Time Photos of Riverhead

We asked the Riverhead Town historian to dig into the archives to find us some old-timey photos that showed the way things used to be.

Check out these great old pictures in and around Riverhead from back in the day. Recognize any of these areas? All photos from the Riverhead Town Historian.

Farming on Sound Avenue in Riverhead. This is the way Riverhead plowed the fields for planting potato, cauliflower and other vegetables for which Long Island was and still is well-known. Farmers used single horse power or as the photograph shows, four horses.

Long ago, this beautiful archway graced the entrance to the Riverhead Cemetery on Cemetery Street, now known as Pulaski Street. This cemetery was founded in 1856.

The horse and buggy along with a horseless carriage brought residents to visit either &ldquoThe Bank&rdquo building or numerous businesses along the north and south sides of Riverhead&rsquos Main Street. Photograph was taken facing east.

During World War I the Victory Flag was flown over Riverhead&rsquos Main Street at corner of Peconic and Roanoke Avenues. This photograph shows the south side of West Main Street. Photograph taken July 4, 1919.

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Riverhead PC-567 - History

Welcome to the Official Website of the Riverhead Volunteer Fire Department


Ex-Chief Nicholas Luparella/fund drive committee, June 14

Donations can be made online by using the Zelle cash app at [email protected]
Donations can be made by cash, check or money order.
make checks payable to Riverhead Fire Department.
For Zelle cash app put in memo of Zelle your address or 7 digit account number below the bar code of your fund drive donation card.
Thank you. (Full Story)

MVA Sound Ave

Ex-Chief Nicholas Luparella/Photo by Ex-Chief Beal, June 13

At 1:50 this morning Riverhead FD responded to a one car MVA on sound Ave by Palmer Vineyard. i Occupant was extricated and then flown to Stony Brook.


Ex-Chief Nicholas Luparella, May 17

AT 1:48AM Riverhead FD was activated for a mutual aid to 14 Frontier Trail, Manorville for one engine to the scene. 6-2-2 and 6-2-32 responded. The crew on 6-2-2 helped overhauling. (Full Story)

Brush fire

Ex-Chief Nicholas Luparella/Denise Civiletti Riverhead Local/Photos by Peter Blasl, May 16

Riverhead Fire Department and volunteers from three other area departments are battling a large brush fire in the L.I. State Pine Barrens Preserve in the northeastern section of the Manorville Fire District, near Calverton.

Several brush trucks are in the woodlands working to put out the fire, according to radio reports, is burning about 10 acres of land south of Route 24 and east of the Long Island . (Full Story & Photos)

Mulch Fire

Ex-Chief Nicholas Luparella/Photo by Ex-Chief Beal, May 15

At 10:49Pm the Riverhead Fire department responded to an outside fire behind Tractor Supply on route 25, Calverton. they found a large pile of mulch on fire. The fire was extinguished with the assistance of tankers from Wading River, Manorville and Flanders fire dept. (Full Story & Photos)

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