Can someone help me ID this insignia?

Can someone help me ID this insignia?

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Charles Miller - fought with US Army at battle at Wounded Knee - this photographer took images during and after the Battle. Anyone recognize the insignia? He later became a Mason? Could it be from that organization?


It's not Masonic - it's the U.S. Army Marksman Button from the 1880's.

Most Masonic Jewelry will feature one or more of: a carpenter's square; compasses/dividers; and the letter 'G'. However jewelry for associated organization such as Shriners, York Rite and Scottish Rite will employ additional symbolism.

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Army Edit

On July 29, 1775, the Continental Congress established the military chaplaincy, but chaplains did not wear insignia until 1880. [2] However, in 1835 Army Regulations prescribed black as the branch color for chaplains, directing that a chaplain wear a black coat. [2] By 1861, US Army Regulations included the details that the chaplains should wear a single breast officer's frock coat made of black wool, with black cloth covering the buttons, and no shoulderboards. [3] In 1864, the Army Uniform Board "enhanced" the frock coat by adding black "herringbone braid" in across the chest at the buttons and buttonholes, with buttons still covered in black. [3] This coat was used by army chaplains until 1880, when shoulder boards were authorized for chaplains for the first time, and the first official insignia was introduced. [3]

Although the Latin cross has long been the symbol for the majority of United States military chaplains, this first official chaplain insignia was the "shepherd's crook" (staff). [4] Authorized in General Order Number 10, and remaining in force for the period February 13, 1880 – May 5, 1888, it was described as "embroidered frosted silver bullion in center of black velvet shoulder straps, and was considered appropriate for both the frock coat or undress uniform." [4] The plain "Latin cross" (silver on dark-blue shoulder straps) became the authorized chaplain insignia in 1898, replacing the shepherd's crook. [4] Today, despite the fact that the shepherd's crook is no longer used as an insignia for individual chaplains, it is included in the design of the Chaplain Corps regimental insignia in honor of its place in Army Chaplain Corps history. [5]

Jewish chaplains were first authorized to serve during the Civil War, but it was during World War I that the issue of insignia reached the army, when Congressman Isaac Siegel from New York petitioned the army that rabbis serving in uniform be permitted to wear "some other insignia in place of the cross." [6]

Within two weeks of receiving this request, the army issued a directive stating that "Objections having been made to Jewish Chaplains wearing the prescribed insignia, you are authorized by the Secretary of War to omit the prescribed insignia" (the cross). [7]

However, after battlefront reports indicated that difficulties arose from the fact that Jewish chaplains wore no insignia, the army began to look into various proposals, including a continuation of the practice of having Jewish chaplains wear no insignia, to the creation of a separate insignia for them, to a return to the shepherd's crook as a shared symbol for all chaplains. [6] General Henry Jerver, acting assistant chief of staff for the army favored the third alternative, and within weeks of his decision this became the official policy for the Army. [6] However, many Christian chaplains opposed this change of policy, and in August 1918 General Pershing cabled the War Department to inform it of this opposition. [7] Not all Christian chaplains opposed the idea of a universal symbol, and some went on record agreeing with the statement of one chaplain that "I am a chaplain of the Christian faith, but I welcome the change. The shepherd's crook is symbolic of the chaplain's work." [8]

Returning to a consideration of the three options of no insignia for Jewish chaplains, a shared insignia, or a separate insignia, the army opted for a separate Jewish chaplain insignia that included an image of the two tablets of the Ten Commandments, using Roman numerals to indicate the commandments, with a small six-pointed Jewish star on top of the tablets. [6] Other symbols considered included a six-pointed star (hexagram), which was rejected by the army because it could too easily be confused with the 5-pointed star worn by generals a seven-branched candelabra (Menorah) and two "Lions of Judah" supporting the six-pointed star. [6]

This symbol would remain the insignia for Jewish chaplains until 1981, when the navy changed its insignia to include the first ten letters of the Hebrew alphabet—to replace the Roman numerals—and both the army and the air force followed suit. [9] [10] While the official change to Hebrew letters became official November 9, 1981 [11] Jewish chaplains were not required to make the uniform change until January 1, 1983. [12]

Insignia decisions for chaplains representing faith groups other than Christianity and Judaism have not been made unilaterally by the army, but instead have been joint decisions for all military chaplains.

Navy Edit

The Continental Navy, predecessor of the United States Navy, was approved by the United States Congress on October 13, 1775, with navy regulations (adopted November 28, 1775) that included as its second article: "The Commanders of the ships of the thirteen United Colonies are to take care that divine service be performed twice a day on board, and a sermon preached on Sundays, unless bad weather or other extraordinary accidents prevent." But, while the need for navy chaplains was recognized from the beginning, attitudes and policies toward navy uniforms or insignia for its chaplains went through many changes before final decisions were made. [13] 1847 navy regulations did authorize chaplains to wear a blue uniform with black collar and cuffs with no insignia, and later, in 1864, chaplains were provided the same uniform as other staff officers, with the use of a silver cross as a corps device. [13]

However, regulations for navy chaplain uniforms and insignias changed a number of times over the following years: 1869–1876, when chaplains were considered as officers without rank, they wore the cross without any additional "sleeve lace" in 1876, uniforms were no longer authorized for chaplains, who were to wear either civilian clothing or the vestments appropriate to their faith group in 1883, the uniform became an option for chaplains, with the cross and then in 1894, the epaulets and passants were removed so that chaplain uniforms had no insignia at all, neither any that indicated they were officers nor even the cross signifying that they were chaplains. [13]

It was not until 1905 that the navy uniform code included a permanent regulation for chaplains: along with ranks equivalent to line officers, they were to wear naval officer's uniforms with the sleeve braid in "lustrous black" (not gold, like that of other officers), and to wear both the officer rank insignia and a gold cross. [13] In 1918, naval staff corps rules were changed, and the distinctive black braid of chaplains was replaced by the same gold braid worn by other officers, along with the Latin cross. [13]

The navy policy on insignia for Jewish chaplains was not resolved as quickly as it was in the army. When Rabbi David Goldberg entered the navy October 30, 1917, [14] receiving orders after basic training to report to the USS President Grant, he asked a senior chaplain about the fact that he was told to wear the Latin cross, receiving the response that "the men understood that he wore the insignia of the corps and not his faith group." [6] Goldberg wore the cross throughout the time he served on the ship, but after reporting to his next assignment ashore the combination of his shipboard experience and the number of letters he received from rabbinic colleagues objecting to his wearing a cross finally led to his petitioning the navy in 1918 to allow him to wear the Star of David instead. [6]

When Goldberg's request to wear the six-pointed star was rejected—based on the same fears the army had that a six-pointed star would be too similar to the five-pointed star worn by flag officers—he recommended the shepherd's crook as a universal symbol, a recommendation that met with opposition from many Christian chaplains. [6] However, the Navy did authorize Goldberg to wear that symbol himself, in place of the cross. [6] [13] Goldberg wore this insignia until the end of World War II, when navy policy eventually changed to allow navy Jewish chaplains to wear the tablets and the star, the same insignia worn by Jewish chaplains in the army. [6] This change took place in 1941, [13] after only two Jewish chaplains (Goldberg and Harold Strauss) had worn the Shepherd's Crook insignia. [15]

Although the shepherd's crook has not been used as a chaplain insignia since that time, the term used for the active duty chaplain with the earliest appointment is the "Gray Shepherd." [16]

As in the case of the army, decisions about chaplain faith group insignia after those made regarding Jewish chaplains (the original decision and the later decision to change Roman numerals to Hebrew letters) have not been made unilaterally by the navy, but instead have been joint decisions for all military chaplains.

Marine Corps and Coast Guard Edit

Navy chaplains also serve Marine Corps, [17] Coast Guard, [18] and Merchant Marine. [19] Although they have the option of wearing marine corps or coast guard uniforms when assigned to their respective units, the chaplain corps insignia remain that of the navy. [20] [21]

Merchant marine Edit

The United States Merchant Marine is a civilian auxiliary of the United States Navy, but in accordance with the Merchant Marine Act of 1936 its members are considered military personnel during times of war when the merchant marine comes under the navy. Until World War I, merchant mariners did not wear uniforms, but they were introduced in 1919, because "young Americans now entering the merchant service have more regards for themselves and their job when wearing a uniform, and that the merchant sailor commands greater respect when ashore, either at home or in foreign ports, if in uniform. [22] The uniform introduced in 1919 was based on U.S. Navy uniforms with enough differences to distinguish between the two services, including wreaths for officers on cap and sleeve insignia and shoulder boards. [23] Chaplain insignia with the wreaths were created around 1943, at a time when merchant marine officers were drawn from the civilian population, including many retired coast guard and navy officers. [23] Today, when active-duty Navy chaplains serve with the USMM, such as the two stationed at the United States Merchant Marine Academy, they wear standard navy uniforms and insignia [24]

Air Force Edit

On July 28, 1942, Chaplain Charles Carpenter was appointed to the newly created position of air chaplain for the Army Air Force, within the larger United States Army organization. Later, when the United States Air Force was established as a separate service on September 18, 1947, the original plan was that chaplain support would continue to be provided by Army chaplains. However, on May 10, 1949, the decision was made that the still new branch of the military would have its own chaplains. At that point, chaplains serving with the Air Force began to wear Air Force uniforms, but continued to use the same Jewish and Christian Chaplain Corps insignia that had been used by the Army. In 1981, when the Navy approved the change to the Jewish chaplain insignia, from Roman numerals to Hebrew letters, both the Army and Air Force made the same change soon thereafter. Since then, the approval of insignia to represent chaplains of other faith groups has been made jointly by of all branches of the United States Armed Forces. However, while the designs for the insignia are the same for all services, the Air Force categorizes the insignia as "occupational badges," with different "wear use" rules than the other services. [25]

Additionally, while the Civil Air Patrol chaplain program is a separate organization than the USAF Chaplain Corps, it was established in 1950 under the guidance of the Air Force chief of chaplains and "is modeled after the Air Force Chaplain Service," and follows the same rules for faith group insignia. [26]

Christian Edit

Other than the short period 1880–1888 when all army chaplains wore the Shepherd's Crook, the Latin cross (also referred to as the "Christian cross") has been the symbol for all Christian chaplains, regardless of denomination, although in some other nation's military forces, separate symbols are used for some Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant Chaplains, and sometimes for specific groups within the larger Protestant faith group, such as Calvinist Chaplains, and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs includes a number of different denominational versions of the cross on gravestones in veterans cemeteries. [27]

Some Christian groups, like The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), do not normally use the symbol of the cross—but do accept it as the uniform insignia for Christian military chaplains. [28] So for example, the LDS Church teaches that its members "remember with reverence the suffering of the Savior. But because the Savior lives, we do not use the symbol of His death as the symbol of our faith," and therefore "The only members of the Church who wear the symbol of the cross are Latter-day Saint chaplains, who wear it on their military uniforms to show that they are Christian chaplains." [29] Similarly, because the cross is not normally a symbol used by the Unitarian Universalist Church (UU), an article on military chaplains written for members of that religious group had to explain that "UUs in the military are considered Protestants, and wear crosses." [30]

Messianic Jewish question Edit

In 2008, Michael Hiles, a clergyman reporting for training as a Navy chaplain candidate identified himself as a Messianic Jew (a Jew who accepts Christian theological views regarding Jesus, including the changes to Judaism such beliefs entail), requesting that he still be permitted to wear the insignia of a Jewish chaplain. [31] The November 26, 2008 decision from Vice Admiral Mark E. Ferguson, president of the Navy Uniform Board and Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Manpower, Personnel, Training, and Education, was that Hiles would be required to wear the cross linked to his Christian (and non-Jewish) faith beliefs. [31] Given the choice of wearing the cross or given the right to withdraw from training, he chose the latter. [31]

Christian military Chaplain insignia, Army

Christian military Chaplain insignia, Navy

Christian military Chaplain insignia, Air Force

Jewish Edit

The Jewish Chaplain insignia made up of two tablets of the Ten Commandments, with ten Roman numerals symbolizing the commandments, and with the six-pointed Star of David above the tablets, was adopted for Jewish army chaplains in 1917, and for Jewish naval chaplains in 1941. The original Army description did not specifically reference a star per se, but instead read "a double Tablet bearing numerals from I to X, surmounted by two equilateral Triangles interlaced." [32]

Before the tablets-and-star design was approved for United States Navy Jewish chaplains, only two Jewish chaplains wore the Shepherd's Crook insignia: Chaplain David Goldberg, during WWI, and Chaplain Harold Strauss, 1931–1941. [15] Beginning in 1917, Goldberg first wore the cross—the original symbol for all navy chaplains—until receiving permission to wear the Shepherd's Crook instead. [6]

On August 5, 1980, Navy Chief of Chaplains Rear Admiral Ross Trower convened a blue ribbon panel made up of Jewish chaplains to consider the "beneficial suggestion" made to the Navy to change the Roman numerals to Hebrew letters. [33] The question had been raised before and not all Jewish authorities were in favor of the change because of the concern that the insignia might be considered "holy"—"even mildly holy"—because of the presence of Hebrew writing. [33] In fact, in a 1972 responsum from the National Jewish Welfare Board authored by Rabbi Solomon Freehof, he recommended maintaining Roman numerals although he did state that when it came to using Hebrew letters simply to indicate numbers, "there is no strict law against it." [33] Nevertheless, based on the panel's unanimous 1980 recommendation to make the change, Chaplain Trower made the formal recommendation to the President of the Navy Uniform Board that the Navy should make the change unilaterally, without the additional time that would be required for all services to study the question. [33] Included in his recommendation was the statement that

The Jewish Chaplain Corps device as it now appears, with Roman numerals representing the Ten Commandments, has been worn with pride by all previous and present Jewish chaplains. It is felt, however, that a change to Hebrew characters at this time would be unanimously and enthusiastically received by Jewish chaplains and Jewish personnel as a source of still greater pride, reflecting as it would a more significant and authentic representation of a heritage and faith eternally related to Hebrew as the language of the Old Testament and the prophets [33]

The President of the Navy Uniform Board approved the change on December 17, 1980, [33] with the army and air force quickly approving the change as well. (Note that the Roman numeral version read left to right, with the first five numerals on the left tablet and the second five on the right the Hebrew reads right to left, with the first five numerals on the right and the second five on the left, as per Jewish tradition. Jewish tradition states that the tablets had flat tops and may even have been square instead of rectangular, but the Christian-influenced rectangular tablets with round tops is nonetheless very frequently found in Jewish art and synagogues, and was not objected to here either.) The new insignia was authorized for wear from 1981, with a grace period authorized to allow Jewish chaplains to make the required uniform changes by January 1, 1983. [12]

Shoulder boards with "shepherd's crook," the first specific United States Navy Jewish chaplain insignia.

Former Jewish Chaplain insignia, with Roman numerals

Former Jewish Chaplain insignia, with Roman numerals

Current Jewish Chaplain insignia, with Hebrew letters

Current Jewish Chaplain insignia, with Hebrew letters

Air Force
Current Jewish Chaplain insignia, with Hebrew letters

Muslim Edit

On December 14, 1992, the Army Chief of Chaplains requested that an insignia be created for future Muslim chaplains, and the design (a crescent) was completed January 8, 1993. [11] [12]

Muslim Chaplain insignia, Army

Muslim Chaplain insignia, Navy

Muslim Chaplain insignia, Air Force

Buddhist Edit

In 1990 the Army made the decision to create an insignia for future Buddhist chaplains, and the Armed Forces Chaplains Board (the board made up of the three Chiefs of Chaplains and active-duty Deputy Chiefs of Chaplains for the Army, Navy, and Air Force) began working with the Army's Institute of Heraldry. [12] The design was completed in August 1990, representing the dharmacakra (the "wheel of dharma" or sometimes, "wheel of law"), an eight-spoked wheel "representative of religious observances." [12]

Buddhist military chaplain insignia, Army

Buddhist military chaplain insignia, Navy

Buddhist military chaplain insignia, Air Force

Hindu (in planning) Edit

As of 2011, a Hindu faith community endorsing agency was approved by the Department of Defense and began to seek volunteers to serve as Hindu chaplains in the United States military. [34] Military officials, including the members of the Armed Forces Chaplains Board, worked to consider possible insignias, while members of the Hindu community did so as well. [35] According to Hindu Air Force officer Ravi Chaudhary, one of the officers involved in the effort, individuals and groups throughout the country, including the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, were contacted. [35]

As part of the study, insignias used by Hindu chaplains in other militaries were studied, such as the insignia authorized August 22, 1996 for the first Hindu chaplain to serve in the South African military: a lamp (deepa) and flame. [36] [37] The first insignia ever developed for Hindu military chaplains, it shows a clay lamp representing the human body into which "the oil of devotion to God" must be introduced, symbolizing "the perennial quest of all Hindus: Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya" – "O Lord, lead us from darkness to Light." [37] However, the recommendation made to the Pentagon was the "om," a symbol that Chaudhary said means "truth and peace." [35]

According to Chaudhary, the first Hindu chaplain was army Captain Pratima Dharm, who holds degrees in psychology and theology, and is already serving on active duty at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. [35] In addition to being the first Hindu chaplain in the United States military, she will also be the first female of Indian descent to serve as a U.S. Army chaplain. [35] According to an article in the Stars and Stripes Dharm has worn the cross on her uniform with the endorsement with the Pentecostal Church of God, but has now been endorsed by the Hindu endorsing agency, Chinmaya Mission West. [38]

In an official statement, United States Army Chief of Chaplains Douglas Carver confirmed the appointment of Dharm as the army's first Hindu chaplain: "The Chief of Chaplains is pleased to announce the endorsement of the Army's first Hindu chaplain by Chinmaya Mission West. This continues our Army's enduring commitment to the free exercise of religion for our Nation's sons and daughters, including the hundreds of Hindu soldiers serving in our ranks." [39]

Enlisted personnel who serve as assistants to chaplains do not wear any specific faith group symbols, but they have military branch or occupational insignia/badges identifying them as army chaplain assistants/chapel activities specialists, navy religious program specialists, and air force chaplain assistants, that incorporate broader symbols of faith and care.

The Army Chaplain Assistant Badge was authorized in 1984, incorporating cupped hands representing support given to the chapel and its programs, and a chapel door symbolizing "a welcome to all worshippers." [40]

The rating badge for navy religious program specialists (RP) includes a compass rose, a globe, and an anchor. [41] The RP rating was established January 15, 1979, [42] and the insignia (which has never changed) was approved by the Chief of Naval Operations on May 9, 1979. [42] According to navy documents, the compass symbolizes that religion can give direction to life the globe is a symbol of the fact that religious program specialists work throughout the world and the anchor is a symbol of Navy heritage. [43]

The air force has three levels of badges: other than the basic badge, there is a Chaplain Assistant Badge-Senior, and a Chaplain Assistant Badge-Master. Each one is based on level of training and qualifications. The badge was established September 1, 1994, and the design was based on the 1990 USAF chaplain theme, "Live by faith." [44] According to "A History of the Chaplain Assistant," "The badge symbolizes the career field mission of supporting the religious needs of the Air Force community in peace, war, national emergencies, and military contingencies." [44]

United States
Chaplain Assistant/ Chapel Activities Specialist badge

Religious Program Specialist Badge

United States Air Force Chaplain Assistant badge

United States Air Force Chaplain Assistant Badge-Senior

United States Air Force Chaplain Assistant Badge-Master

Chaplains Edit

In addition to chaplain insignia, Department of Defense instructions on the "Accommodation of religious practices within the military services" state that "chaplains may wear any religious apparel or accouterments with the uniform while conducting worship services and during the performance of rites and rituals associated with their religious faith." [45] In addition to allowing religious apparel drawn from civilian faith group sources, some religious apparel has been issued by the military, sometimes with military service, Chaplain Corps, or chaplain religious symbols included in the design. While in the past, religious items to support chaplains and chapel programs were made available by individual service organizations such as the Army Service Forces, today a chaplain is attached full-time to the Defense Logistics Agency, with a mission statement that reads:

Provide military religious support logistics to America's Armed Forced across the full spectrum of operations by managing a world-class Ecclesiastical Supply Program to the Armed Forces, supporting the religious requirements and spirituals well-being of Defense Logistics Agency personnel world-wide. [46]

In addition to military-issue religious vestments to be worn by chaplains during worship services or religious rites, United States Army Chief of Chaplains Charles Brown had a lapel pin created during the 1960s showing the Army Chaplain Corps seal (then with symbols of Christian and Jewish chaplains) for chaplains to wear with civilian clothing, in the same way some civilians wore lapel pins with their college seals. [47] However, it turned out that government funding was not authorized for the production of a civilian clothing accessory, so production was halted and wear was discontinued. [47]

Faith group vestments Edit

Navy Catholic Chaplain Cmdr. Alfonso Concha distributes Holy Communion

Air Force Muslim Chaplain Capt. Walid Habash speaks after Muslim prayer

Navy Protestant Chaplain Lt. Barbara Wood leads Protestant communion services

Army Buddhist Chaplain Capt. Somya Malasri leads Buddhist worship

Air Force Jewish Chaplain Capt. Sarah Schechter leads Jewish worship

Military issue Edit

Army-issued scarf/stole for Christian chaplains

More modern "camouflage" scarf/stole for Christian chaplains

Army-issued prayer shawl (tallit) for Jewish chaplains

More modern prayer shawl (tallit) for Jewish chaplains

Air Force-issued scarf/stole for Christian chaplains

Air Force-issued prayer shawl (tallit) for Jewish chaplains

All military personnel: apparel and grooming Edit

In addition to special religious apparel rules for chaplains and worshipers during religious services or rites, military instructions also authorize all military personnel to wear "articles of clothing worn as part of the doctrinal or traditional observance of the religious faith practiced by the member," as long as they are worn under the uniform in a way that makes them "not visible or apparent" (such as some Mormon undergarments or Jewish apparel that can be worn under outer clothing) or, if they are visible, the articles of clothing must be "neat and conservative." [45] [48] Some military regulations, such as Army Regulation 670-1, expand the phrase to "neat, conservative, and discreet," [49] and the latest revised version of the Department of Defense Instruction (1300.17) which lays the foundation for all religious accommodation policies in the United States military now defines "neat and conservative" as (in part) "discreet, tidy, and not dissonant or showy in style, size, design, brightness, or color." [45] This exact wording has also been incorporated into Secretary of the Navy Instruction 1730.7C, which establishes policy for the Department of the Navy, noting that it applies not only to the Navy and Marine Corps but also to the coast guard "when operating as a service in the navy under Title 14, U.S. Code, Section 3." [50]

Procedures for considering requests for waivers to allow religious apparel have been established by each service, such as the "Religious Apparel Waivers" table published in Air Force Instruction 36-2903, "Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel." [51]

The various branches of the military have added different color requirements for religious head coverings, sometimes so that they blend more with uniform colors. [52] For example, the air force requires that approved religious head coverings must be either "dark blue or black,", [52] the navy and coast guard requirement is that it must be "either black or hair-colored" (that is, as spelled out in coast guard policies, "black or match the hair color of the wearer") [53] [54] and the army requirement is that "it must be subdued in color (black, brown, green, dark or navy blue, or a combination of these colors)." [55] Policies regarding religious apparel have been updated to prohibit explicitly any "writing, symbols, or pictures" on "headgear" approved for religious reasons, [53] [54] [55] and Air Force policies require that (in addition to the dark blue or black color) the head covering be "plain." [52]

Jewelry with religious meaning or symbolism is also authorized, providing it meets the "neat, conservative, and discreet" requirement, and generally follows the rules for any jewelry that can be worn with a military uniform. [45]

Tattoos that "advocate religious discrimination" are listed among prohibited tattoos for military personnel. [56] [57] [58]

Beards: background information Edit

All branches of the United States military currently prohibit beards, although some mustaches are allowed, [59] based on policies that were initiated during the period of World War I. [60] If mustaches are worn, they cannot be "handlebar" mustaches they must be "neatly trimmed, tapered, and tidy," not presenting "a chopped off or bushy appearance" and "no portion of the mustache will cover the upper lip line or extend sideways beyond a vertical line drawn upward from the corners of the mouth." [61]

According to Professor Penny Jolly, who has studied "social trends in appearance," beards "were eliminated in the US military in WWI due to the need to wear gas masks. Razors were issued in GI kits, so men could shave themselves on the battlefield." [60] However, the link between the requirement to shave and the use of gas masks has been called only one of "several theories." [62] Other theories include the fact that the massive build-up of the military for WWI brought with it many men from rural areas, and this "sudden concentration of recruits in crowded army induction centers brought with it disease, including head lice. Remedial action was taken by immediately shaving the faces and cutting the hair of all inductees upon their arrival." [62]

Historically beards were commonplace in the United States military, and as one report states "it is harder to find a picture of a general from the American Civil War "without a beard than with one." [63] But beginning with World War I and clearly by World War II, beards were universally prohibited, with the military citing concerns that included the need for "uniformity, hygiene, discipline, or tactical demands—such as the proper fitting and seal of a gas mask." [63]

From 1970–1984, the United States Navy briefly restored beards. [64] The temporary change began on November 10, 1970, when then-Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Elmo Zumwalt explicitly authorized beards for active duty naval personnel, in his "Z-gram" number 57, "Elimination of Demeaning or Abrasive Regulation," although his position was that they were already implicitly allowed based on policy changes made by his predecessor, Thomas H. Moorer. [64]

1. Those demeaning or abrasive regulations generally referred to in the fleet as "Mickey Mouse" or "Chicken" regs have, in my judgment, done almost as much to cause dissatisfaction among our personnel as have extended family separation and low pay scales. I desire to eliminate many of the most abrasive policies, standardize others which are inconsistently enforced, and provide some general guidance which reflects my conviction that if we are to place the importance and responsibility of "the person" in proper perspective in the more efficient Navy we are seeking, the worth and personal dignity of the individual must be forcefully reaffirmed. The policy changes below are effective immediately and will be amplified by more detailed implementing directives to be issued separately.

A. It appears that my predecessor's guidance in May on the subject of haircuts, beards and sideburns is insufficiently understand and, for this reason, I want to restate what I believed to be explicit: in the case of haircuts, sideburns, and contemporary clothing styles, my view is that we must learn to adapt to changing fashions. I will not countenance the rights or privileges of

any officers or enlisted men being abrogated in any way because they choose to grow sideburns or neatly trimmed beards or moustaches or because preferences in neat clothing styles are at variance with the taste of their seniors, nor will I countenance any personnel being in any way penalized during the time they are growing beards, moustaches, or sideburns. [64]

The Navy ban on beards was reinstated in 1984 by CNO James D. Watkins. [59]

Religious laws and traditions regarding grooming have made both hair and beards visible religious symbols for many faith groups, including Sikhs for whom "Kesh," "unshorn hair," is one of the "Five Ks"—5 compulsory "articles of faith" for baptized Sikhs. [65] Other faith groups, including Judaism and Islam, include certain groups that believe shaving is permitted and other groups that believe it is not. [66] [67] The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is an example of a faith group that takes the opposite approach, strongly encouraging some or all of its members to shave. [68] In some cases shaving is mandated for some members, including those engaging in their missionary service, [69] or studying or working at the church-sponsored Brigham Young University. [70]

United States military instructions note that "hair and grooming practices required or observed by religious groups are not included within the meaning of religious apparel," [71] and therefore do not fall under the overall religious accommodation guidance that authority to approve requests are normally given to individual commands, as specified by each service (although denials of requests are subject to review at the "Service Headquarters level"). [72] Instead, requests for grooming waivers based on religion have been decided at the highest levels of each branch of the military, with the United States Army approving new waivers in 2009 for the first time in more than twenty years. [73] However, the Army stresses that such waivers are "temporary" and "assignment specific," and that it can rescind the waivers at any time "in the interest of military necessity." [74]

Beards have been authorized for non-religious reasons in today's military, including medical reasons related to skin conditions, with Army directives noting that "soldiers will keep the growth trimmed to the level specified by appropriate medical authority," [75] and Air Force Instructions limiting the length of a beard approved for medical reasons to 1/4 inch." [76] Other examples include waivers for some members of the military's Special Forces, based on the rationale that "in hot spots such as Afghanistan, many members of those elite units grow beards to make themselves less conspicuous to locals." [77] The policy for beards lasted for almost a decade and according to some reports was also (at least in part) "a show of deep respect for Afghanistan's male-dominated, bearded tribal culture." [78] However, as of noon September 7, 2010 (based on an order issued the previous day) beards for Special Forces troops in Afghanistan were "deauthorized" due to "a vastly changed operational environment." [79] Because DOD Instructions on religious accommodation note that "precedents" for non-religious reasons should be taken into account when considering religious accommodation requests, [45] those in favor of additional waivers for beards for religious reasons hope such precedents—in addition to precedents of waivers issued for religious reasons—will help support additional religious accommodation waivers. [77]

Some military spokespersons have cited concerns that beards might interfere with gas masks, but those in favor of beards have challenged those concerns, [80] and some experts note that the application of vaseline to the beard can provide the mask's required seal. [81] In one case, before being allowed to deploy to the First Gulf War, Jewish Chaplain Jacob Goldstein (an army reservist who has been granted a waiver to wear a beard) had to prove that he could don his mask safely and securely within the same 8-second time period given to others—and Goldstein (who says "the mask issue is bogus") showed that he could. [80] Gas masks do vary from one nation to another, and it has been reported that even masks manufactured in Israel, a nation where they are routinely distributed to citizens, may not work properly for men with facial hair. [82] While special "beard-friendly" masks that cover the entire head of the wearer are manufactured there, [83] a reported shortage has driven that nation's Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi to rule that ultra-orthodox Jews can shave or trim their beards in order to ensure that their masks fit, and urged them to carry scissors with them so that they can shave quickly in the event of a chemical or biological gas attack. [84]

Other military representatives have said that religious accommodation requests to waive the prohibition for beards could be considered on a case-by-case basis, but only from those already in the military. [85] However, critics have noted that such a policy would require an applicant to be a hypocrite: requesting a shaving waiver based on the fact that he cannot shave, but first shaving in order to enlist and qualify to submit a request. [85] According to some commentators, the real reason beards have been prohibited is the feeling that they "are unseemly and make service members appear sloppy." [85] Army Regulation 670-1 states that "personal appearance"—including "strict grooming standards"—is an "essential part of discipline" and "a neat and well-groomed appearance by all soldiers is fundamental to the Army and contributes to building the pride and esprit essential to an effective military force." [74]

Reserve chaplains on limited tours of active duty Edit

Some changes in military regulations are making it easier for civilian clergy with beards who hold reserve commissions as chaplains to report for short periods of active duty without shaving off their beards. For example, Air Force Instruction 36-2903, revised July 18, 2011, directs that "During tours of less than 30 days, Air Force Reserve (AFR) and Air National Guard (ANG) chaplains not on extended active duty may request a beard waiver for religious observance when consistent with their faith." [86]

Clocks Shared by Other Visitors

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Waterbury clock?
My grandfather collected antiques and I found this clock yesterday in the trash pile while moving my grandmother out of their home. I know it's old &hellip

Can't pin down enough info about my mantle clock !
This clock was something included in an auction I recently bought. It was ticking beautifully and stopped about two days afterwards. That's when I &hellip

Elgin Novelty Made in France Clock
I bought this clock at an estate sale several years ago. I do not know the year it was produced, but it says made in France and is a 7 Jewel Alarm Clock. &hellip

Father-in-law's clock that was his grandmother's
My father in law is 70 years old, and he acquired this clock when his grandmother died at over 80 years of age, but we would like to know it's history &hellip

Sessions 8 Day
I picked up this clock at a garage sale, we love the clock and are looking for more information on it. The inside of the back cover says The Sessions &hellip

Found two Clock Jacks for cooking on a fireplace hearth.
At a garage sale, I bought two of what I've come to learn is called a "Clock Jack" for turning kettles over the fireplace hearth. Here are their pictures. &hellip

Cuckoo Clock
I have a E. Schmeckenbecher Cuckoo Clock 76 G.M 1884288. It has a deer head on the top and two other animals on the sides of the clock (rabbit & Bird). &hellip

A W Miller "Waterloo" Grandfather Clock
My mother has a weight driven grandfather clock made by an "A.W. Miller". I can not find any information about this clock or its manufacturer. There &hellip

Ansonia "Russia" - Cast Iron Clock
This is a cast iron clock with a patent of 1883. Tran Duy Ly's Ansonia Book shows it as a model called "Russia" and shows an 1883 photo. An auction &hellip

1800's Gustav Becker Clock
This clock hung on a wall in a log cabin belonging to my husband's aunt and uncle. We could tell just by looking at the clock that someone had tried to &hellip

Wood cabinet, mantle clock, ANSONIA , N.Y.
My grandmother gave this Ansonia clock to me. She remembers it when she was a child. That was around 1915. The clock still works great, keeps good time. &hellip

Gilbert Clock 'Garcia' found in our house
This clock was in our house when my father passed away, but I never saw it before then. From the pictures, hopefully you can see the identifying features. &hellip

Antique German Wall Clock
This is a German clock from around 1860 is what I was told when I had it reconditioned and cleaned. He also told me that the wood had a veneer which &hellip

Beautiful Antique Wall Clock
I have owned this clock for over 20 years but have never know anything about it. I purchased it from an antique store and it is in the original condition &hellip

My Great-Grandfather's Railroad Clock
My mom gave me this clock when she downsized her house and moved into a retirement community. It was her mother's, who had inherited it from her parents, &hellip

Mission Grandfather Clock
I love mission antiques and found this mission grandfather clock at a small antique store in Greencastle, Indiana. The clock appears to be quartersawn &hellip

I got this clock from a friend
I haven't been able to find any positive info on the clock. I have been told that it is either American or German and that they thought it was made in &hellip

Unusual German Clock
I collected about 100 old clocks while in the Army stationed in Germany during 1964-67. I've sold most of them over the years but kept a few that &hellip

Sessions Antique Regulator Wall Clock
This clock was purchased (I don't know where) by my parents in the 70's. It has hung and run faithfully for the last 35 years that my family has owned &hellip

Kaiser Alarm clock West Germany
I purchased this clock with several other items that were in a "Bedtime Story" bundle at a charity auction. I am a volunteer for the organization hosting &hellip

Wm L Gilbert Clock - an unexpected find
What I know about this clock is what a guy told me about it. There is a clock repair guy near my house that has been working on repairing clocks for about &hellip

Goodwill Find
My husband recently brought home a small clock that had caught his eye at the local Goodwill Store. It has a 4.25 in. square face possibly made of brass &hellip

No clue about this clock
I know nothing about this clock. It has butterflies and flowers on it. I looks like oak encasing around it. It was given to me by a neighbor who was &hellip

Need Help With My Ansonia Clock
Hello, I have an Ansonia black mantle clock that I am trying to identify. The trademark date stamped on the gear box inside is 06/18/1884. It is an &hellip

Trying to ID this Black Mantel clock!
Hello, I think this clock was made by E.N. Welch or Sessions Clock Company but not sure. It sure looks like it by looking at other pictures of clocks &hellip

Clueless about this CB pendulum clock
It has double latch closure. Clock works appears to be of nearly all brass type metal. No name on the face. The works are stamped/engraved West Germany &hellip

Grandmother's China Cabinet Clock
This clock sat in my Grandmother's China Cabinet when I was a child. It is now in my posession. It is black and gold with a standing cylindrical &hellip

German Tall Clock - My childhood charmer!
My grandfather clock was given to my parents as a wedding gift (1970) but was not brand new. My Grandfater lived southern Germany (Austria). I would &hellip

Please help me identify this Enfield clock.
My husband brought this clock home one day and I know nothing about it. The face of the clock has an hour hand, a minute hand, three key holes located &hellip

Grandfather's Grandfather clock
It was purchased somewhere in the Black Forest region of Germany by distant relatives in 1927. I have no idea if they bought it new or used. Stamped &hellip

Old Seth Thomas Clock
A friend of mine gave me this Seth Thomas Shelf clock a few years ago. I don't know anything about it. The case appears to made of walnut and the &hellip

George Marsh Clock
This clock was made by George Mash in Bristol, Conn between 1828 and 1831. It was actually purchased by my father from a friend while visiting in England, &hellip

New England Clock Co. Farmington Conn.
I know absolutely nothing about clocks. A friend was throwing it out and my daughter rescued it. It is very pretty with dark wood and has the look of &hellip

Grandmothers clock passed down to me
This is a Sessions Clock, model name "Ardmore". Itis a mantel, 8 day, half hour strike, cathedral gong clock. It was given to my grandmother by her &hellip

Antique Scottish Grandfather Clock
We have a grandfather clock that was handmade in Glasgow, Scotland in the mid to late 1700s and was handed down from first-born son to first-born son ever &hellip

Found a clock
I found this clock as I was cleaning out crawl spaces upstairs in my house. Now by looking at it I can tell that it is an old clock. I have found some &hellip

All-brass movement German Grandfather Clock
I found this clock in a warehouse-style flea market in Yadkinville, NC about 1993. It has a brass German movement. Black Forest styling on cabinet. &hellip

Kroeber Clock gift from Grandma
I have had this clock sitting on my fireplace mantle for several years. I had to move it tonight for redecorating and thought I would do some research &hellip

Competing with an Auctioneer! but I won the Clock!
I bought this lovely mantel clock from a small auction in Leicester, 3 years ago. The actual auctioneer was competing with me, but I won the clock. &hellip

Waterbury Cast Iron Clock
This clock has been in my family for generations. It has some defects. I have attempted to get it repaired. I can not find anyone who can repair it or &hellip

Made By E.Graham CO Bristol Conn USA
This Clock belonged to my Grandparents, they hace been dead for about 42 years and was given to them for a Wedding Present, so im guesing about 80 years &hellip

French Black Marble Mantel Clock
I found this beautiful clock at a garage sale. Can you help me identify the maker and manufacture date please? And, is it allowed to ask for valuation &hellip

E. N. Welch Mfg. Mantle Clocek
I have had this clock for a few years, I have searched all of E. N. Welch clocks and cannot find this one anywhere, I would like to know the name of it &hellip

Hello, got a Heco Clock
I bought this at an auction. It's a Heco. The inside chime mount has a 29 in the upper right, then below that centered is 166A. The A seems to be &hellip

Victory - Eight Day - Ingraham
Hi - I was given this clock after my dad's cousin passed away. As I grew up, this alarm clock always caught my attention while visitng her through the &hellip

Pony Express Certification
Hi, I have aquired a clock belonging to my great grandparents that has papers authenticating the year it was made in 1900. The authentication is by the &hellip

French wag on wall clock
The clock was purchased about 17 years ago by my parents from an Antique store in France. It was a gift and I could never find out how much they had paid. &hellip

Black mantle clock
This mantle clock has been in my family for generations. Unfortunately, when I was young, I let someone refinish it. The columns in front originally &hellip

Cuckoo Clock from World War I
My grandma handed down this cuckoo clock that her dad brought back from World War I. I know that its hand carved and made in Germany from the Black Forest. &hellip

I found this old clock at my grandpa's.
When I found this clock it was covered by two inches of dust. I carefully cleaned it up with a brush as much as I could. On the back of the clock I &hellip

My Clock
I am not sure of the date or value of this clock. It has a stained glass front with Elgin and 31 day on face. It is in excellent condition and works &hellip

Waterbury ship's bell
I am 34 and remember this clock as a small child. I do not recall if has ever worked in those early years but do remember turning the hands to make it &hellip

Ingraham Clock
The clock was left to me by my grandmother who acquired it as a gift when she worked for a German family in Chicago early 1900's. It's black with &hellip

New Haven Clock with Cherub and Cupid
I have a clock that belonged to one of my great grandmothers. It was manufactured by the New Haven Clock Company and I believe the model name is "Bermuda". &hellip

Dover 7" E Ingraham
When my husbands grandmother died it was found in a closet. She was 101. It says Ingraham eight day in the center of the clock face. The pendulum is &hellip

Great Grandmother's Seth Thomas clock
I was given an antique Seth Thomas kitchen wall clock. I have not been able to find one like it on the net. It looks like the "Savarin" model except &hellip

1 day musical cuckoo clock
There is numbers on the inner works: G.M. 1884288 1892176 25-77 (25 hr clock) ( maybe made in 1977? ) The label on &hellip

Antique German mantle clock, or not?
I bought this clock from a gentleman who was clearing out some of his collection. He told me it is German-made and over 100 years old (about 120 years). &hellip

Please help ID WWII ships clock
The story I have been told is that my grandfather took this ship's clock out of a burning ship while Pearl Harbor was being bombed. That's the only &hellip

Jerome 2 weight beehive pattern clock
I have just bought this at an auction but it doesn't tick for long. Does anyone know the year of manufacture? Also, should the pendulum have a thin steel &hellip

Clock found in a skip
Holoway patent regulator, 128 Minories, London It has an etched glass panel, 2 large lead weights - one on either side of the movement. The clock &hellip

I purchased this clock at a yard sale for $25. I do not know anything about it really. I am assuming it is a Seth Thomas clock being that it has a trade &hellip

Great, Great, Great grandmother's clock
The information found on the clock is "1/20/14 Bouquet No. 52 Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. Winsted, Conn USA". It has all of its original parts. The &hellip

German China Clock, Antique or not?
It measures about 9½" wide and 10" tall and on the front it has a flow blue or Delft style castle scene. It has a brass bezel around the clock which &hellip

Citizen Clock Manufactured by Wm. L. Gilbert
The label is partially torn off on the back, so I don't know the Model No. It has what looks like 4 sunflowers on the front and two other flowers at the &hellip

Cuckcoo Clock from Germany
This clock came direct from Germany quite a few years ago. All I can see on the clock itself is West Germany 1972 The picture doesn't show it that great, &hellip

New England Clock Co. eight day clock
I just acquired a New England Clock Co. eight day spring wound, pendulum clock. Made in Bristol, Conn., Clock No212C I wonder if anyone has an approximate &hellip

A family charmer
Paper label on the back - Symphony, Patented Sept. 1, 1885 (not positive of year), Eight-Day, Half-Hour Strike, Cathedral Gong, and Patent Regulator. Manufactured &hellip

United Clock Corp. model 326
I have a sailboat clock made by the United Clock Corp, model 326. The electric light is working, but the clock is not. How much is something like &hellip

Great Grandmother's clock
The clock face has: "Manufactured by the Ansonia Clock Co., New York, United States of America". I have found no other labels. When the face is removed, &hellip

Need to know about my cuckoo clock
This cukcoo clock has a bird on top and a bird on each side. It also has a wooden cukcoo bird, 2 women, 2 men who go in a circle, I guess. The sticker &hellip

Mom's Gilbert Clock
This item is a Gilbert mantel clock that I inherited from my mother. I am unsure about how she came to own it. I expect that it was bought in the 1970's &hellip

Help! Clock from in-laws estate
We recently acquired this clock from my husband's parent's estate. All we know is it has been in his family for well over 50 years and from the stamp &hellip

Regulator Wall Clock
I know almost nothing about this clock! I aquired it along with an entire estate. It runs and sounds beautiful when it chimes on the hour and half &hellip

What is my old clock worth?
Ansonia clock in excellent condition. Patented 6/18/1882 N.Y.,N.Y. I posted earlier but only the back of the clock was pictured. I would like to sell &hellip

Big Six Clock
I think this clock may only date back to the early 1960's. My parents bought it when they got their new home in 1963. It has the "head" of a grandfather &hellip

Help me with my clock!
My husband recently purchased this clock for me, and it's beautiful but I know nothing about it. It is marked with "West Germany" and nothing more and &hellip

Titus Bancroft
We have purchased a Titus Bancroft Sowerby Bridge longcase clock. The face of the clock is painted, and has floral scenes in the 4 corners with a small &hellip

Colonial Manufacturing Schoolhouse Clock
I have a Colonial Manufacturing key wind schoolhouse clock that chimes every hour and on the half hour. It has Western Germany clock works with &hellip

Wall clock bought in Brussels - please help
I have bought recently a wall clock in Brussels, in quite a good condition, but I am not an expert and I am not able to identify the origin. Any help &hellip

My newest clock acquisition
I have found recently this beautiful wall clock on the antique market in Leuven/Belgium. A seller was quite unwilling to show me if the clock was &hellip

Clock received after my mother passed
I received this clock after my grandmother passed at age 92. I don't know anything about this clock , I just know that I saw this clock from the day &hellip

My grandmothers old mantle clock.
My grandmother left me this mantle clock.She moved to Snohomish, Washington in 1958 from St. Paul, Minnesota and it was in her bedroom on her dresser for &hellip

Grandfathers Seth Thomas Clock
This Seth Thomas clock was my great-grandfather's, and when my grandfather gave me the clock, he had no idea of the age of the clock, but said that his &hellip

This clock was handed down to me via family. Every time this clock was passed on, it was enscribed on the back of whom it was from, the date, and to whom &hellip

Gruber Brass Lion Alarm Clock
Item appears to be brass in color and is labeled West Germany on the back. On the inside of the lions head it is labeled Gruber 69. The clock itself &hellip

Sailboat Clock by United Clock Corp.
This model 811 sailboat clock was given to my mother in 1953 by her two brothers who just came to the USA from Italy. She passed away in 1997. I &hellip

Egret Crane or Heron on my clock?
As of late, I've ended up with two antique clocks in my possession. They belonged to my grandfather and he was an antique dealer. Recently my aunt passed &hellip

Ingraham Gingerbread Clock
I obtained this clock as an anniversary gift from my husband. It was bought from an antique dealer in Louisville, KY. I was told it was a Gingerbread/Kitchen &hellip

Atlanta Kitchen Clock
This originally came from my great aunt's estate.She passed away in the early 60's and had been married over 50 years. Can anyone help identify this &hellip

Gustav Becker Grandfather clock
My uncle bought the grandfather clock in Germany in the 1960's. The back of the face of the clock has Gustav Becker, a symbol with a cross on top, then &hellip

A clock I just had to have
I got this clock this weekend at an estate sale. I have no idea what kind it is or even how old it is. I just knew it called my name and I had to have &hellip

My Sessions 218 P 8-Day Clock
I just bought this clock at an estate sale in Texas. The son of the owner said it was from the 1940s but I just read that Sessions quit making spring-driven &hellip

Clock Picked Up on the Roadside
A few years back I was driving by a house that had an old clock out front at the end of their driveway. I went up to the door and asked about the clock, &hellip

Kienzle regulator patent 1914
This is a Kienzle wall clock, quarter-chiming with Westminster chimes. It uses tone rods, and has a great sound. It has a silver-colored face with black &hellip

Cozy Fireplace clock
This is a United Clock Corporation clock made in Brooklyn, New York. The model is No. 419. There is a red light bulb that lights up the fireplace. &hellip

waterbury mantle clock
Hi, Can anyone please give me a valuation, in AUd, preferably on this clock and any information you may have on it. Thank you. I brought this clock &hellip

E. Ingraham Co Black Mantle Clock
Hello, I need help with identifiying a black mantle E. Ingraham Company clock we came across in a closet at my parent's home. The clock belonged to &hellip

Looking for information on this cute little clock
This clock was in my Mother's basement for many years and discovered after she passed away. On the back is stamped The Sessions Clock Company, Forestville, &hellip

Hermle Mantel clock.
I have recently acquired the Hermle mantel clock shown here. I can't seem to find out much about it so wondered whether anyone else can help. It &hellip

Pink Porcelain Clock
This clock is approximately 8 inches high and 8 inches wide at the base. It was in my mother's basement wrapped up for how long, I have no idea. It &hellip

Old mantel clock
This clock was left to me by my father. It is very heavy and made of black wood with green marble inlay. It comes with a key and pendulum. It is in &hellip

How old is my Ingraham?
I have acquired an Ingraham mantel clock. The instruction label is on the "floor" inside the case. The word Pansy is in large bold letters at the top of &hellip

Clock No212C
I recently received this clock as a gift and I am trying to find out how old it might be. It is in excellent condition and still runs.

Help dating a Gilbert movement.
My father found this movement a few years back, fixed it up (somewhat) and put it in his own home made frame. He's gone now, but I would like some help &hellip

Westwood Chadwick carriage clock?
This clock is very heavy, evidently a fairly solid piece of metal. Just underneath the 6, on the face, the word 'Westwood' is printed. I removed the &hellip

Kienzle Nutwood & Palisander Art Deco Mantel Clock
This clock was purchased on Ebay from a seller who purchased it in Dusseldorf. He claims it was made in the 1920s, but I'm not so sure. With its art &hellip

Circa 1950 deft 3 Seth Thomas alarm clock
It was my Father-in-Law's. I would love to know how much it is worth. It works well and keeps good time. I think it loses a minute every 12 hours.

Mini Grandfather Clock
It is model # 444. It has a pendulum that may be brass. It has 2 "gold" columns on the front. The face is behind glass and is gold and black. The &hellip

Pearl Harbor clock
My step father who recently passed away left me a Seth Thomas Mark 1 deck clock that he removed from the USS Missouri when he was stationed in Pearl Harbor &hellip

Seth Thomas clock, please help
This clock has paperwork that says it is a model 1309-000, but I can not find any information on it on the internet. I would love to know more about it, &hellip

Cuckoo clock?
Is this clock considered a cuckoo clock? What is the origin of this clock. Anyone information would be appreciated.

German clock
I purchased this clock along with many others recently. All I know is that it was made in Germany. Any assistance with identifying its origin would &hellip

Chelsea Shipbell Clock
I found my clock in a second hand store, loved it and have been learning more about Chelsea clocks. I liked it because it was so heavy and unusual. &hellip

Hamilton Grandfather clock
I recently purchased a (MINT CONDITION) mid 1980's Hamilton Grandfather Clock from a local dealer here in NJ. It came with Original Paperwork showing it &hellip

My Old Clock
Truth is. I do not know much about the clock. It was my grandmothers, and I always remember seeing it when I was growing up. I was talking to my mother &hellip

HELP! 130+ yr old kitchen gingerbread clock
We actually got this clock as a wedding present 33 years ago, and need help identifying it so we can sell it. The wood looks to be mahogany, and the pendulum &hellip

Black slate Ansonia clock - help me?
As far as I've found out so far it's a black slate (marble casing) Ansonia clock. On the inside of the clock it says the following: Ansonia Clock &hellip

Ansonia Clock Co.
This was purchased as is from an Antique store. I was wondering if it had any value and was the cabinet original and is it missing a top? The only &hellip

Our Heavy Clock
Hi Everyone, I am so happy to find this site and hope someone will be able to help me. My husband passed away recently and he loved this clock which &hellip

Please help me to identify my Antique Clock.
Hello, I need a lot of help in identifying this antique clock I have. I do not know anything about this clock and I cannot find anywhere on the clock &hellip

N.E. No. 240K /American Cuckoo Bird Clock
The clock was made by the New England Clock Company in the 1950's and has a planter attached which came with simulated philodendron in the planter and &hellip

1880's Ingraham 8 day mantle clock
Recently, I stumbled accross this 1880's Ingraham mantle clock at a local thrift store. I had a rough idea of these clocks value, and this one is in exceptionally &hellip

Help me find a value for my clock
I bought it at a garage sale for $60. I want to know if I overpaid or was it a good buy. The only thing I know about my clock is that it was made by &hellip

Hall Craft Anniversary clock
In 2005, I found this clock in a box stored away in a barn abandoned in 1972 on the outside of Cleburne, TX. It was extensively corroded, and I began &hellip

French Blackamoor Clock
I inherited this clock after my Grandmothers death in 1984. She came to the United States from France as a war bride after World War I. The clock &hellip

Waterbury Clock - Very Original
I was given this clock from my grandparents estate. There is a very worn paper taped to the back identifying it as a Waterbury Clock. Not sure of age, &hellip

Never heard of this one
I have recently aquired this clock through the family. I can identify the clock as a Clarion, but I can't find anything on Google about this movement. &hellip

Gilbert Bouquet no.51
My clock has a tag on the back from the William L Gilbert clock co. BOUQUET NO.51 is the name of the clock. Beautiful red roses are on the top of the &hellip

Wag on wall clock
It's from the French town of Paray le Monial and the name on the top is Rorat Monnet. I would like to know the date it was made and who Rorat Monnet &hellip

7 Day Clock
This clock has been in my family for many years. I have been told its over a hundred years old. I am inclined to believe this since it belonged to my Great &hellip

Large Mission Style Wall Clock
I found this clock in the hall closet of the house I moved into. It needed a few nails and glue for all the loose pieces. Looks like it has all the parts &hellip

Father's Seth Thomas Wood Mantel Clock 1969-1974
I have a clock given to my father who is now deceased. It was given to him in 1974. The following information is easily seen on the clock: Seth Thomas &hellip

A Golay - Leresche a Geneve deck clock?
The Face Reads: A. Golay-Leresche A. Geneve The back reads: A. Golay-Leresche Geneve 8486 Aiguilles There are two more words that are very heavily &hellip

New Haven Mantel Clock
Early 1900's to mid 1950's Dark solid wood cabinet that is rectangular in shape Face of clock is white with 2-small whole Door is rectangular with small &hellip

Black Forest hunters cuckoo clock
My boyfriend's uncle was in World War 2. While he was serving in Germany, he had purchased a cuckoo clock for each of his siblings from the Black Forest &hellip

Antique Model 940
I purchased it used in 1951 or 52. It was made by United Metal Goods of Brooklyn, NY. It is a model 940. Any information would be appreciated,price,type &hellip

Carriage Clock
Hello, Who can help me with identifying this carriage clock which was passed down to me? It is a brass carriage clock (as per photograph). There &hellip

Tell Me What to Do with this Clock!
I don't know much. The clock belonged to my husband's step Grandmother when she passed away. They had an Estate Sale, where someone offered over &hellip

Thrift store clock.
I found this clock at the thrift store. It has no identifying marks other than "Regulator" on the pendulum door. There are no markings anywhere else. &hellip

Sessions United Ship Clock
This was my father's clock. Can anyone tell me a little about it? Is it common or does it have value? I believe it is a Yankee Clipper, 19"L with 16"H, &hellip

Help me ID this clock unit
This clock was given to me by a friend a few years ago, he said it looked "industrial" and could not tell me where he found it. I just located it in my &hellip

Tiffany & Co. antique clock
I would like to know how old it is, what is the clocks origin, and how much it may be worth. The painting on the front of the clock is signed, but &hellip

Found Clock
This clock I found in an abandoned house I was hired to clean. Things were piled three feet high in most rooms. I had to go through things piece by piece. &hellip

Seth Thomas Clock
All I know is that this clock belonged to my Grandfather and has been handed down several generations and is now in my possession. I'm told it may &hellip

Priscilla Clock mfg by William Gilbert
This was my Great Grandmother's Clock, it needs a lot of TLC and missing a column, broken foot - can someone tell me about it and it's worth?

New Haven Mission Clock
My Great-Great-Grandfather worked for the New Haven Clock Co. As family lore goes he was given a sample of every clock he designed. I don't know if that &hellip

The mystery of the Wm L Gilbert clock
This shelf clock has been in our family since the 1960's. It has a paper label on the back identifing it as NAVY NO. 24 Wm L. Gilbert Clock Co., Winstead, &hellip

Is it French Archidectural, or Ansonia
The movement is S. Marti et co. Medallie de Bronze stamped 8 day and strikes every half and on the hour. It is in good working order. I am not sure, &hellip

Seth Thomas clock found at my mothers home
My mother passed away a little over a year ago. Recently while I was cleaning out her belongings I came across an old clock. At least it looks fairly old. &hellip

One of a kind clock?
This clock was owned by my great grandmother, so it must be at least 75 years old, I would imagine. It has a clock face I've not seen in Seth Thomas with &hellip

Ansonia wall clock
This is my great-grandfather´s clock. I recently received it as an inheritence, so I would like to know the date of manufacture and an estimated value &hellip


I am trying to find any information on this clock as far as age of the clock and the company that made it. The clock is encased in dark wood. The face &hellip

Who Made It
This mark is on the 8-day movement of a tall old regulator clock. Can anyone tell me who made it?

Chelsea clock
I know its a Chelsea clock ships wheel, I am not sure wheather to get it appraised and to insure it. I did get a certificate of orgin from Chelsea. The &hellip

Old mechanical watch - le petit forgeron
I KNOW NOTHING. The watch works, then doesn't. will have it looked at. The cherub pounds on the arrow heads. A "forgeron" is a blacksmith, hence &hellip

William L Gilber Clock Company "Hawk" Model
I received as a gift a "Hawk" model clock made by the William L. Gilbert Clock Company of Winsted, Ct. Curious to the value and history of this clock. &hellip

Burn Pile Rescued Clock
My dad was a farmer, and I was told by Mom that he found this clock in another farmer's burn pile. This was (I think) before any of us kids were born. &hellip

I just purchased an antique German wall clock
It has a 12" square framed face, with a pendulum inscribed "Dem Glucklichen Schlagl Keine Stunde" or Happy people don't count the hours. The mechanisim &hellip

Inherited Wall Clock
I received this clock when my father passed away, I cannot find any external markings. It looks like a late 1800's Vienna style clock. It has a spring &hellip

Found old clock
On the front of this little clock it says made in Great Britain. On the back it has engraved in it WF 1855. It's made of metal and has a flower embroidery &hellip

What make of Marine Mechanical Clock is it?
I know the history of this 6" marine mechanical clock. It served time on board a US Naval Vessel until 1985. At first I thought it was a Chelsea &hellip

E Ingraham clock - from Roumania
Hello, I bought this clock few days ago from the flea market in Bucharest. The seller has proven the movement works, the clok looks nice and it is, &hellip

Benjamin Morris Tall Clock Circa 1780
Benjamin Morris made this tall case clock around the 1780's, we believe. It has been passed down on my wife's side of the family. We know it was bought &hellip

Antique clock from France
This is in my uncle's antique clock collection. He is very familiar with the historical understanding of the antique clocks and their value. The following &hellip

My Fathers' Clocks I
Both my Father and Father in Law liked antique clocks. My Father-in-law used to go to Europe to buy them and we inherited four of them, plus one from my &hellip

Gustav Becker Clock
Purchased in Germany sometime in the 1960's. This is a two weight clock with beveled glass in a brass frame. The wood trim is beaded which cannot be &hellip

Please help me find out more about this clock
I got a mantle clock a year or two back at an antique store. I fell in love with it but I don't know much about it. It's a mantle clock made by Ansonia &hellip

Disney Dwarf Clock, Blessing, Germany
I know nothing about this clock, I just know it belonged to my father when he was younger. I am trying to find out if it is worth something or just a clock. &hellip

My Granfathers clock
I only know that it was made by LUX CLOCK COMPANY and it has a patented date of 1920-1921 on the back. My grandfather told me that he got it as a gift &hellip

Ansonia Clock
Hi, I rescued this clock about seven years ago from a building that was being cleaned out by the company I worked for, they were going to put it the dumpster. &hellip

Gilbert 1807?
I don't know anything about this clock. I've had it about 30 years and it says "Gilbert 1807" on the face of it.

Ansonia clock- Valuable or sentimental
Ansonia clock that belonged to my Aunt. Do not know the date it was made. Wrangler is stamped on the back of the clock. Any one know of this clock. &hellip

Ingraham Mantelpiece clock
I got an Ingraham Mantelpiece clock from a friend. It is missing the glass cover in front and is in fair condition. It has a bill of sale taped to the &hellip

Stuck for time
Hi, the clock I need identifying is a Napoleon hat striking clock. It is 9" high and 16" wide. There is no writing or id on the back, but there is a makers &hellip

Strange front of Gustav Becker wall clock
The last thing that was left from my older family. Unfortunately the clock mechanism is not working. On the back panel, there is a number 1161344 (it &hellip

United Clock Corp- Horse Clock: What is it worth?
I inherited this clock from my grandmother and was curious as to how much it was worth. I plugged it in and it still works. Thanks so much.

Seth Thomas Mantel Clock
I am looking for some information on a clock that has been in my family for many years. This was originally my grandparents clock, but I am not sure where &hellip

Seth Thomas model E658 / E659
I recently recieved an "antique" grandfather clock from my parents, who recieved it as a gift from the estate of a close family friend. I brought &hellip

Clock from grandmother
I received a clock made by New England Clock, Co. Farmington, Conn. USA. It is a wall, 8 day, spring wound, pendulum clock and found the number NE214C &hellip

German WWII Mantel Clock.
Greetings, I'd acquired this mantel clock from a friend whose father brought it back from Germany after the last war. We are curious as to it's history &hellip


Chelsea Navy Clock
It is a Chelsea Clock Company, Boston, U.S.A. clock with a 6" dial with the number 52508 stamped on the back of the mvement. The numbers are roman &hellip

My Gilbert Mantel Clock
I have had this clock sitting around my house for a little while, but haven't really looked into the history of it until recently. The label inside &hellip

Help me identify my Waterbury clock
This clock was handed down by my father, to him from his father. He had spotted it at work, in a coal storage room, and when the company went out of business, &hellip

Unknown Clock, No name given
I really know very little about this clock my grandfather picked it up from an antiques dealer in Guildford about 20 years ago. There is no name on &hellip

Heirloom in a sorry state
We recovered this from my deceased father's house. As far as we know it originated from his grandfather who, we guess, died mid-20th century. How long &hellip

A Pearce, Stratford grandfather clock in Alabama
I inherited a grandfather clock and know very little about it other than it has Pearce,Stratford on the dial and that it is a 30 hour clock. Numbers &hellip

Old Schatz Clock?
Being that I have little/no information on this clock my mother-in-law got at a yard sale for $20.00. It has a 7 jewel movement several different &hellip

My Ansonia Figural "Mercury" Mantel Clock
This clock has been in my family along time . I can not find an identical clock any where on line. On the face it says manufactured by Ansonia Clock &hellip

The unknown "book clock"
I don't know much about the clock other than it says Seth Thomas and Germany on the clock and covering. It looks like a book that is made out of some &hellip

Bornholmer Clocks
I recently saved a clock headed for the dump. It was made by H L Riis of Borneholm, Denmark. The face, works and case all have this name. From the &hellip

My old Welch Clock handed down to me.
I have a old E.N. Welch clock that appears to be a mantle clock. I really dont know how old this item is but from what I have researched it came from the &hellip

Kienzle Zodiac Clock
I recently bought this stunning kienzle mantle clock. It has an 8 day movement marked (8 tage / 15 steine) It stands 11.3 in high and has a diameter &hellip

Small Seth Thomas
The clock is approximately 3" X 3". Made like a book which opens up front and back (Maybe a desk clock).Gold tone in color lots of scroll work inside and &hellip

SETH THOMAS - Is it a Merrimac or Monitor ship's bell clock?
This Seth Thomas ship's bell clock belonged to a Marine officer who served in WWII. Features include: - STRIKER LEVER AND FAST/SLOW ADJUSTMENT - &hellip

Antique English Robert Williams Grandfather
I know it is old and the EXACT make/model of one that is in our family. I was supposed to inherit the clock upon my Great Aunt's death but it slipped &hellip

Need info on E Ingraham Co. mantle clock
My mother handed down a E Ingraham Co. mantle clock and I am trying to find out info on it.. What year it was made, the Value, and such. The glass &hellip

Brass figural elephant clock
I bought it at a yard sale for $1.50 and I want to know the name,origin and how much it is worth if anything.

Wm L Gilbert - Lake No 3
We have found a number of Lake Number 4's mentioned online, but not any Lake Number 3's. This has been in my family for as long as I can remember - probably &hellip

Trying to identify this clock
I got this clock in 1974 at a flea market in central North Carolina. It is a mantel clock and seems to last about 7-8 days after being wound up. &hellip

FUNGHANY Mantel Clock
I bought this mantel clock in 1974 in central NC at a flea market. It has an internal pendulum and uses a key to wind up the clock. I am interested &hellip

Ansonia Clock - Need help
Hey everyone, Well to be frank about it, I've had this clock sitting around my house for some time now. No one in the family really cares to much for &hellip

Kute Kienzel Mantle clock
I don't know much about it really. My Mum has had it for quite a few years, she loved the Westminster Chimes - it does have a lovely tone. There are 3 &hellip

Old clock with no name.
I know nothing about this clock. I found it in a storage unit that was auctioned off because the owner hadn't paid the rent. It has no words printed, &hellip

1850s Ansonia Iron Clock
This clock belonged to my great grandmother's mother. She owned an antique store in Connecticut many years ago. I don't know much about her because my &hellip

8-day working alarm clock in original box
On the box: Seth Thomas Division/General Time Made in Germany #837, "Tuckable" brass case, blue dial On the face of the clock "LE Coultre" , &hellip

4 The E. Ingraham Co Bristol Ct 11
This clock belonged to my great-great grandmother who was born in 1900. I can remember as a small child hearing it chime at her home. It has a small &hellip

Nice old small Seth Thomas wall clock
This is a Seth Thomas wall clock with a Thomaston, CT. label. It also has a F. Schneider, Lawrence, Mass. 1917 label on the back. I got it from a friend. &hellip

Nice Old Seth Thomas wall clock
A friend of mine said he had an old clock he didn't know anything about and asked if I would be interested in it. As always, I said yes and I now have &hellip

Ansonia Mantel Clock
I have gone through over 1000 pictures of Ansonia clocks and have not found what model this clock is. If anyone can knows what model this it, the the would &hellip

Ansonia clock "Merrimac" patented 1892
Bought at an estate sale. Beautiful ceramic case with lion's head, pastel floral design, gilt, gentle crazing overall, runs well. Name is "Merrimac" impressed &hellip

E. Ingraham unfinished mantel? clock
I really don't know much about the clock. It was a gift to my Mother from a friend 40+ years ago. It's in need of a restoration. I've looked at several &hellip

White marble - French ? Antique ?
I am told that this clock is a French Antique. It is made from what looks and feels like white marble. Inside the 'cup' on the top of the clock, there &hellip

Help Dating The Colonial Mfg Grandfather Clock
The Grandfather clock was obtained from my wife's aunt who passed away. We have checked the internet and have not found any info other than Colonial &hellip

Please Help!
This clock was given to my husband by his father who bought it at an estate auction many years ago. I have searched hundreds of sites trying to identify &hellip

Help ID This Mantel Clock
I don't know much about this clock at all. I picked it up at a local auction barn one Friday night and have not been able to ID it. It is working perfectly &hellip

My Seth Thomas Clock!
I know my clock is a Seth Thomas Schoolhouse Regulator wall clock. My husband bought it from an antique dealer for me for valentine's day. Growing &hellip

Found a Cartier Clock.
During renovations to an old home, we found a small clock. It is very heavy and the hands are stopped. There was no box for the clock, however, the condition &hellip

My fiance's parents passed away a few years back, and she inherited an absolutely stunning timepiece that we are trying to identify. The piece is in &hellip

My Antique Mall Wall Clock
I bought this clock from the Antique Mall in Hillsborough, NC, and I fell in love instantly. I had to have it. When I got it home, I didn't see a name &hellip

What's my clock?
My clock was given to me by my mother. Her mother in the 1930's bought this clock at Sears in Ontario Canada. On the clock plate, on the backside it &hellip

Ingraham clock from farm house
My mother had this clock handed down to her through the family. It was in the house as long as see can remember & she was born in 1935. The clock has written &hellip

Wm. L. Gilbert Oxford Clock
I purchased this off of ebay. The seller said it is around 1860. I cannot find a date, just a piece of paper on the back "Oxford, Manufactured by Wm. L. &hellip

Kienzle bedside alarm clock
Old alarm clock, manufactured by Kienzle. There is a note ERCES. the most interesting thing, that I have found on it, the note in Lithuanian AUKSCIAUSIOS &hellip


Identity of Car Clocks
I recently bought 3 vintage car clocks at auction just because I thought they were "neat". Unfortunately, I have not been able to find information about &hellip

EJS Late 1800 mantel clock
This is a wind-up eight day mantel clock from the late 1800's. The design is very simple with little decoration. The face is paper with a distinctive &hellip

Anyone know this Ansonia Mantel Clock ?
We recently were passed on this Oak Ansonia Clock.. it's in good working condition but we are struggling to locate exactly what Ansonia Clock it is. &hellip

Help find Date of Clock
This clock hangs on the wall and it has pinecone weights on chains that hang down. It is built like a school house with an American Flag on top(I think &hellip

FOREIGN wind-up clock with Holland picture
Brass and glass wind-up clock with Holland scene on front and the word FOREIGN (all caps) imprinted on back, no other markings. Width: 4.75 in. Received &hellip

Sand box treasure
It is an Ansonia mantle clock made of cast iron. It has a date stamped on it from New York with June 14th 1881. There is another date of 1882. Dimensions &hellip

Maker and date of this clock
Looks to be hand carved case--Black Forest look serial #63519 Any info is appreciated

I'm trying to find out more information on a grandfather clock I purchased recently. I love it and it runs great. It's in perfect condition and looks new. &hellip

E. Ingraham Mantel Clock No 2 ?
This clock belongs to my parents. I remember as a child the clock was treasured by them. I know he took it to a jeweler once when I was young to have it &hellip

New England Clock Calendar Wall Clock Model 267G
I recently purchased the above named clock and am hoping to find a copy of the operating instructions. The dial face has a date of 1974. Any information &hellip

Old wall clock
I purchased this clock while stationed at Loan AFB, France back in 1965. Looked all over it and unable to find any names , dates or markings other than &hellip

Help me identify my clock please.
A friend has asked me to research and try to sell her antique clock for her. She thinks its about 100 years old. It says "Made in USA" on the face. It &hellip

Any info would be interesting to know.
Hello, This is my girlfriend's clock. It was obtained by her grandmother at an estate sale, then passed down to her mother and finally to her. The clock &hellip

My Grandfather's Old Clock
I only know that it was made somewhere in Europe, probably Germany, and it's much older than me. It's working very precisely for such an old clock and &hellip

Seth Thomas mantle #5513 clock
We would like to know any information you can provide about this clock. The approximate age and value? It is an 8 day wind. It has a 400 series chime &hellip

Wm L Gilbert Black Mantel Clock 1906
The clock has 6 pillars total three on each side of the face. There is not a name on the face but the mechanism on the back says Wm L Gilbert Clock Co &hellip

Can you help me find out more
It's a walnut wood, I believe. It was made in the 1800,s in Bristol, Conn. by E. Ingraham, but I don't know anymore. Can you please help? I would like &hellip

Regulator clock
My dad had this restored and I wondered if anyone knew the history and value on it. I can supply more pics of the back and inside

Square Grandfather clock
My parents purchased this clock while in England back in the mid seventies. It does not have a name or number anywhere that I can see. It stands about &hellip

Ansonia cast iron mantel clock
I have looked all over the net and have seen a few that look close to this clock all with different names. This clock looks new and runs really well. I'm &hellip

Boxing Trophey Clock
Patented 14th June 1881. Very heavy. Black slate or stone. Greek pillars with greek characters engraved including a centaur and maybe a figure of PaN. &hellip

Poppo Cockoo Clock
I know little to nothing about this clock except that it was in great dis-repair when given to me. The weights and pendulum missing. I took it apart, cleaned &hellip

Need Information
My father bought this clock for my mother over 20 years ago. She use to wind it up to hear the chimes. My father did not like the sound so she stopped. &hellip

$12.00 mantel clock
Found this for $12.00 there is no name on it anywhere no stamps inside penciled on the inside cover 12-10-18 and the letters k r m I think it may &hellip

Help me ID this clock
This is a Gilbert clock. Inside tag says 1807. I really don't think its that old.

The rolling pin clock !!
I received this clock from my great uncle a few years back cant find the year on it.Its runs great.It's a New England Clock. uw22/4 I think is on the movement, &hellip

Seth Thomas 40 Hour Alarm Clock
Is this clock worth repairing? It is in the original box. On the side it says No. 999 PPLENDOR by Seth Thomas 40 Hour Alarm Plain Dial. On the back of &hellip

Black antique mantel clock
I do not know much about this clock and really not sure where I got it. My ex husband was sort of a horder, so I am sure he picked it up at an auction &hellip

Antique Sessions Coca-Cola Mantle Clock
Would like to try and verify authenticity of this circa 1910 Sessions Coca-Cola Black with Gold Mantle Clock. It is 14.5" x 6". Black with 6 gold pillars &hellip

E. Schmeckenbecher Cuckoo Clock
I would like to know the age of my newly purchased Cuckoo clock. Many sites out there give good info on how to find out the date that your clock was made. &hellip

E Ingraham Co Mantle Clock
So far what I know is that it is E Ingraham Co, here is what I see from the front of the movement using a mirror and my sons eyes, 4 E INGRAHAM CO 26 &hellip

Sessions dash clock
Inherited from dad, seems all complete. The time set works, but winding the spring is without resistance - broken windspring? The back appears to &hellip

Please Help Identify this Grandfather Clock
The clock was inherited. I know nothing about it. Can anyone help?

Grandma's Ansonia
I have inherited this clock which was my Grandmother's, then my parents. It runs well, and had a very loud sound when it strikes. I did find a picture &hellip

Sam Sung Watch Mfg. Co. Ltd
I recently saw this clock at a second hand store, and my Mother kindly bought it for me for Christmas as I could not afford it myself. It is a spring &hellip

30 Hour Clock, New Haven Clock Company
Bought from an estate sale in Spindale, NC in 2001. Manufactured by New Haven Clock Company, New Haven Connecticut. 30 hour clock. American Extra? &hellip

School clock
This is from my dad's estate. It ran in our house for over 40 years. I can't find any name or ID plate on this one.

Waterbury Clock Co
This is from my dad's estate. It ran in our house for over 40 years.

New Haven Clock Co
This is from my dad's estate. It ran in our house for over 40 years.

Electric Brass Horse & Carriage Mantle Clock
The clock is made by United Clock Corporation in Brooklyn,NY. It is made of brass and is a Queens carriage drawn by 4 brass horses and has 2 angels in &hellip

E. Ingraham Mantel clock Black Wood
This clock belonged to my great-grandmother. I have no idea when it was bought or how old it is. The back of the brass works has E. Ingraham, Bristol, &hellip

unknown clock
I bought this clock at a garage sale. Very beautifull but dont know much about it. On the front it has the word KUNDO and WEST GERMANY. On the glass &hellip

Huzel "Les Hommes Illustres" Mantel Clock
This clock is entirely made out of metal, has a metal sculpture on top of its base that has a woman holding a tablet that says "Les Hommes Illustres". &hellip

Sessions Mantel Clock
I just inherited this mantle clock that belonged to my Great Grandfather and there is a date of 07/01/28 written in pencil on the back. The clock is &hellip

Digital looking analog clock made by GE. WHAT is this THING?
GE (60s?) Telechron Digitel 8138-6 Anolog clock that looks digital. Has gears and little arms driven by gears that move panels. Here's a video . &hellip

Antique blue and white ceramic 8 sided clock
I have a ceramic or porcelin 8 sided blue and white wall clock. It has dutch wind mills with a house on the right, sailboat at the bottom, dutch girl with &hellip

Mr Gills Clock
My wife's Great Aunt Sally Quinn had a "Gentleman Friend", Mr. Gil, in Purdy's, Westchester County NY. When Mr. Gil died, he left his house and contents &hellip

Seth Thomas Layton mantel clock
We purchased this clock at a thrift store. It says on the back plate "Seth Thomas, works made in Germany for Seth Thomas Co. Serial number 6613. The &hellip

Mom's Clock
New England Clock Company Wall Clock- Building, cathedral looking wooden clock that has chains and weights that hang from the bottom. Made in 1953 &hellip

Need More Info on this clock
Hello, All I know is that is was given to my husband from his mother. Not sure of age, etc. In excellent working condition. It is a Howard Miller &hellip

New England Clock 218C - Info Needed
I recently aquired a New England clock, model 218C, and I have several questions: 1. This clock has three holes for winding, I know the middle one is &hellip

Ansonia Mantel Clock, June 14, 1881
This Ansonia Clock is dated June 14, 1881. There don't seem to be many Ansonia Clocks from 1881 as the factory was closed during this time. It &hellip

Mantle Clock Jules Rolez Limited Paris
I was thinking about buying this clock, 20" long, 21" tall, 7" wide, I was wondering if you could give me any information on it or what it might be worth. &hellip

Mysterious Ansonia Antique Clock
This clock I inherited. I have searched every Web site I could find, looked at nearly 2,000 photos of Ansonia mantel clocks, researched seven books in &hellip

Vintage New Haven Clock Co. Art Deco Flip Clock
I picked this clock up at a yard sale many years ago. I have never seen another like it. I am curious to find out its history and what it may be worth. &hellip

Grandparents clock
I have a clock I received from my grandparents. All I know is it is from United Metal goods MFG. model # 444 paton number 1510152529. I was I was just &hellip

My Family Clock
I grew up with this clock. This clock was given to my parents in the early 1960's as a gift from their friends whom had just visited England. My mother &hellip

Sessions Electric Brass Horse Clock
All I know is that it says Sessions on the bottom of the clock and the horse seems like solid brass. I was wondering what year mine may be from and how &hellip

Not sure it is an antique clock
I know that the clock has a sticker on the back that says "Handcrafted at Agate Artifacts, RR#2, Spooner, WI, and that is about all. The clock is made &hellip

Inherited grandfather clock.
My mother bought this clock at an estate sale in England. I had it appraised in 1980 and the appraiser said it is a George Braddock Mathews clock. I have &hellip

Eli Terry 1831 pillar and scroll
Information on inside indicates the clock was made by Eli Terry and there is a signature on the flip side of the face that dates it as sold in 1831. &hellip

When was it made?
I purchased this clock recently. It reminds me of one my grandparents had. Inside the door, the label is gold with a red border and has important instructions. &hellip

Seth Thomas Grandfather Clock
I just purchased a Seth Thomas Grandfather clock from a young woman who knew nothing about clocks. I have to admit, neither do I, but it was in perfect &hellip

Antique regulator - does it tick for a year?
The attached clock has been in my family since it was given as a wedding present and came to Canada on a boat in 1953 . I was told it's intended to &hellip

Hall Craft Anniversay Clock
It is stamped MADE IN GERMANY and Hall Craft with the number B11280. Don't really know the history. It is old and working.

My Great Grandfathers Clock
This particular timepiece hung in my families' general store for as long as I can remember. It was passed from my Great Grandfather to my Grandfather &hellip

New Haven Clock, Banjo Style
On the clock face at the bottom it says New Haven Clock Co., USA. It measures High 27 1/2 inches, Width, 9 3/4 inches across the pendulum box. It has a &hellip

The Halliwell Duxbury Grandfather Clock
This clock has been in my family for over 100 years. My 95 year old mother (her mind is still sharp!) has always told us that her father bought the clock &hellip

Help me identify this mantle clock
A friend was moving and she said this clock was her mothers and her grandmothers before that. It has no name on the face plate and in the back on the mechanism &hellip

Superb family heirloom Sessions mantle clock
Hello, I'm the proud owner of a superb Sessions mantle clock that goes back 95 years in my family. This clock was given to my great grandparents by &hellip

Black Marble clock by Jules Rolez, Paris
This clock was handed down from a great grandfather, and we suspect its circa 1820 - 1850. It was made by Jules Rolez Limited, Paris. Jules Rolez appears &hellip

Family Heirloom
This clock was given to me by my grandfather. Inside the clock there is a letter written by my great-grandmother. The letter states who in my family the &hellip

Ingram Mantle Clock
From the 1800's I believe. Came from a grand old Southern Mansion. Is in working order but needs a pendulum. Would love any info I could get along &hellip

Beautiful William L. Gilbert Clock
Identified lots of their clocks but cannot find this one. Would love to know the name of the clock and a value if possible. It is in great working order. &hellip

Suprised buy on clock
I bought this a couple a weeks ago with the understanding that it needs work, there was no pendulum and no key. I took a pendulum from another clock and &hellip

Old Gilbert mantel clock
This clock has been in family for a while and I have searched to find more info on it. Can anyone help?

Wm. L. Gilbert Mantel Clock w/ chimes
I got it off ebay for $36 but I can't find out any history on this particular clock or what the value is. The description says it runs and stops and that &hellip

United Clock Bklyn, NY Model #50
This electric wall clock has a round clock face with turquoise lines and black numerals. The clock is made of maybe bronze, but looks like wrought iron &hellip

Seth Thomas Clocks
I have a Seth Thomas Course Clock, Mark 2, Model 1, Serial # 21269. I was told they where used to bring GI`s to Europe for D -Day and was probably still &hellip

My aunt was an Army nurse during World War II. She was stationed in Europe. I have a small pocket watch that she used. It has a gold case. There is &hellip

Unidentified Mantel - Shelf Clocks
I have always been fascinated by this Clock. It is about 14" long and 12" tall. The clock is an extremely detailed replica of an old chalet home or lodge &hellip

German Clocks
Aprox 8 inches wide at the base. Clock face Ivory star-burst effect flowers pouncing each number. Made in Germany, Hall Craft Corp.

New Haven Clocks
Hello everybody, a few years ago I received a legacy from an uncle, among the many things there were two car clocks. One's a Ford clock made by The New &hellip

Vienna Regulator Clocks
All I know is that this is a vienna regulator with RA on the Pendulum. I understand that the R & A abbreviate French words which refer to Fast & Slow &hellip

E. N. Welch - Sessions Clocks
I was given this old clock in non working order. I have since gotten it to run, but it is missing the columns in the front. It is a black mantle, with &hellip

E. Ingraham Clocks
My husband recently purchased a clock and I would love to know more about it! It is a E. Ingraham Co. mantle clock in woodgrain. There is a full label &hellip

Early American Clocks
This clock was a gift from my girl's parents. We have no idea what to do with it. I researched it a couple years ago for them and told them I thought it &hellip

United Clock Company
I recently bought this in an antique store. On the back of the wagon it says United Metal Goods Co., Inc. I would like to know it's age more than it's &hellip

William L. Gilbert Clocks
Recently, I viewed an Antique Road Show where a guy had a long skinny Gilbert Clock. The clock was 2 feet long, round on top where the face and hands go, &hellip

Unidentified Wall Clocks
I have been told it is a Sessions Store Regulator clock. But the Regulator A model I have not been able to find a duplicate of online. THis clock looks &hellip

Grandfather Clocks
Hi: I have a grandfather's clock from the American Chime Clock Company (Philadelphia) with a detailed receipt from 1934. the clock has three weights, &hellip

Other American Clocks
I have just purchased a clock labled "International Time Recording Co. of New York" "Endicott, N.Y." The case is stamped "134" I know that the time &hellip

Waterbury Clocks
I bought a very painted and not in great shape clock from an antique place. It is a Waterbury 'gingerbread' clock. Not much detailing because of many &hellip

English Clocks
This is another clock I inherited. It is a wood wall clock about 28 to 30 inches tall. On the face of the clock it says "Colpman Wellingborough". The &hellip

Japanese Clocks
I know NOTHING about this clock except that I found it tucked away in my Papa's barn last summer. I know he was in Japan during WW1,but whether it came &hellip

New England Clock Company Clocks
I recently inherited this clock and was told it was my fathers great great aunts. I am not to sure of that but that is all I know.

Ansonia Clocks
It's a tambour style. The face looks like it's thick paper with a glaze? It has Ansonia on the edge. It has several hairline cracks in the face. It &hellip

ID This Clock
I love the face, with its triple date moonphase and the exquisite hands. but other than the thought that it had a c.40s feel, I know nothing about it. &hellip

300 day anniversary clock
This clock was purchased by my parents in Germany in 1947-48. It sat on a desk in our living room for many, many years. It has "Made in Germany" on &hellip

Inherited Tiffany & Co. Clock set
This clock set was my father's. He collected French clocks at one time. It has what looks like hand painted porcelain scenes of hunting, and all pieces &hellip

New Haven Banjo clock
I recently purchased a New Haven banjo clock for my husband for Christmas on Ebay. All the parts appear to be made by the New Haven Clock Company, &hellip

My waterbury clock collects dust
I recieved this clock in the mid 60's. My aunt owned it, I commented on it and she gave it to me. I had it cleaned several years later, and the jeweler &hellip

My Father's old Granfather Clock
The clock appears to be an English Long Case wooden clock with a running rabbit hand painted on the face. The old script is a bit hard to read, but &hellip

Grandfather Clock
I have a Grandfather clock that is 6 feet 5 inches tall. No name is visable but the face of the clock is metal which looks to be bronze with embossed arabic &hellip

Ogee Style Clock
It is of the mid 19th century Ogee Style Clock. Mahogany Veneer and appears to be on pine construction possibly. Very good shape. I have it running on &hellip

Family Clock.
I recently obtained an old clock that was once my Great Grandfather's clock. As a child, it was something that meant a great deal to me and still very &hellip

French hanging wall clock
I know nothing at all about this clock. We bought it at an on-line auction because we liked its looks. (And still do) Don't know if it's "real" or a &hellip

Need info on a Comet Pocket Watch
I recently purchased a Pocket Watch on ebay. I have searched, trying to find some information on it, but have come up short. I don't have any pictures &hellip

My father in law brought this from Brazil
My father in law bought this clock from a salesman who worked for him about 30 years ago. The salesman sold punch clocks before working for my father &hellip

Please help us find more about this clock.
Hi, Well, all we know is that it's a German Kundo clock, it has a marble and wood casing, in the rear mechanism, there is an etching of and "R & B 1899". &hellip

Goodwill find
I bought a Seth Thomas quartz wall clock with Westminster chimes at a goodwill store. The battery had been left in it, but I cleaned it up as best I could &hellip

My aunts kitchen clock
About 1964, my great aunt was moving from our family home that we occupied for over 150 yrs in Newark, New Jersey. I was about 10yrs old and for helping &hellip

antique abstract Waterbury clock
I know it is a Waterbury Clock. The design is very unique for the time frame it was made. The pendulum has a bird and stars, as is similar to other Waterbury &hellip

French Baker's Clock?
Can anyone further identify this clock, its antique value, and suggest on who might have great interests in acquiring it? What I've been told so &hellip

Newly Inherited Clock
Just obtained a C and L.C Ives clock. It is about 3 feet tall and 16 1/2" in wide. Made in Bristol Conn. It is an 8 day clock. Very interesting &hellip

My first Waterbury Kitchen Clock
I bought this clock on eBay. not knowing what I was doing. We inherited a china cabinet, custom made with a space between the doors and a shelf &hellip

E N Welch White Oynx Mantle Clock
I purchased this clock online in 2005 and was looking to find out more information about it, clock " name " approximate year of manufacturing, any help &hellip

Need ID help for really cool German clock
Hello, I was hoping to get an id on this clock. There is no manufacturer listed on it,it just says Germany on the face. It's really cool. I need the &hellip

Wm. L Gilbert Wall Clock
I inherited the clock from my mother. She was uncertain if it's age or value, but guessed 50-70 years. Note from Bill: Hi Larry, This is a very &hellip

Too Little Information
I have recently come into possesion of a small brass carriage clock. It measures, 11cm(H), 8cm(W), 6,5cm(D). It has a white enamel face. Inside the rear &hellip

My dad bought this clock in the 40's
He bought it in Germany. It had layers and layers of paint on it when it was purchased. My mom removed the paint in 1963. Can you help identify this clock? &hellip

Just an old clock
Forty years ago my wife and I bought several items from an old bank in rural Missouri. This New Haven clock was one of them. The clock face has "1817 &hellip

How old is this Clock
I was given a clock that was passed down from my aunt, who passed away years back. The clock seems to be old, but I don't know much about it. It &hellip

Antique Mantel Clock
I have an uncle who has this clock that came from his mother. It was from her dowry. It used to have a glass dome over it. It is a french style mantel &hellip

Gilbert Clock
My Grandfather recently passed away and I inherited his clock. I would like some information about the clock, such as when was it made and how much is &hellip

Stag Clock by W.L. Gilbert Clock Co.
I would like to learn more about this clock. I have been searching everywhere and can't find one quite like this. My in-laws were going to throw it away &hellip

Small Seth Thomas Clock
I have a small clock that looks like the larger version of a mantel clock. On the wood frame there is a label that says: Burton Seth Thomas Clock &hellip

Handed down clock.
My mother purchased this clock in an antique shop in London while living there in the early 80's. She paid 1700 pounds for it at that time. It has &hellip

Gilbert Navy 25
I got this clock after it had been dropped and the case was in pieces. However I was able to glue it back together so it looks original. The label &hellip

Hi. Can anyone tell me about this awesome Seth Thomas Mantle clock? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks-Dave

Granny's clock
The clock is a Seth Thomas, circa 1880. We think it Adamantine, single column, roman numeral face. The side is similar to a lion head, with sphnix like &hellip

Seth and Thomas
I remember as a kid this clock hanging in the showroom of my Grandfather's/Father's rug company. I don't know if it worked but I assume it must have or &hellip

Worth of my clock
I have a Seth Thomas Model 4377 Glenridge. Manufactured around 1982. The clock is in perfect working order and looks like new. I am trying to determine &hellip

Would like to know who made this clock and what date?
Well, where to start? This clock is that black wood color and has twin wood pillars on both sides. It has many markings on it, some of which are very hard &hellip

Wm. L. Gilbert clock
We bought this clock yesterday in a Goodwill Store. On the back the stamp has a Capitol No. 45 marked H in wood on upper right side above the stamp. &hellip

Help to identify Ansonia Clock
I, I found this Ansonia clock at an Amish antique shop in Ohio. I can't seem to find any info on this clock except that it was made betweem 1879 and &hellip

Help me find out about my old clock please.
I purchased this clock in Pennsylvania 5 years ago, and I don't know anything about it. The face is hand painted. On the top of the face is a Scottish &hellip

Want more info
I have an E. N. Welch 8 day 1/2 hour strike mantel clock. I would like to know the approximate date of manufacture and the price I might expect if I sell &hellip

Want more info on E. N. Welch clock
I have a Welch 8 day 1/2 hour strike mantel clock. I would like to know the approximate date of manufacture and the price I might expect if I sell it. &hellip

A chiming Mantel Clock
I bought this clock for $5.00 at a garage sale and when I got it home, I discovered a key taped inside to wind it up and the date 1867 stamped twice inside &hellip

Grandpa's Waterbury clock
This clock has been passed down in the family. I believed it was a prize awarded my grandfather in a gymnastics contest. I grew up listening to it, and &hellip

Beautiful clock! But who is the maker?
I bought the clock at a Swedish auction in 2006. In the catalogue, the clock was described as "a small mantle clock in empire style, 19th century". &hellip

School house clock
I have a seth Thomas 8 day wall clock. It has the number H1904 on the back and was orginally from Madison Avenue school in Atlantic City, NJ. I was &hellip

Clock given to W. B. Stone on the British Queen
I have a clock that has a plate that states it was presented to Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stone on the British Queen by friends and customers in high esteem and &hellip

My Mom's Gilbert mantle clock
My mother inherited it from my grandfather after he died in 1947. She told me that he had bought it at Sears, but I wonder if it might be older than that. &hellip

Mantle Chime Clock
I have discovered an old mantle chime clock and although it has all its parts, I cannot get the weight to hang correctly to make the seconds work in time. &hellip

Grandma Lena's Clock
The dimensions of the clock are: 18-1/2" high x 11-3/4" wide x 4-1/4" deep. Front of Clock: - curved top with 3 flowers (8 petals ea) one at top, &hellip

Seth Thomas 1904 Adamantine clock
This is my great grandfather's clock, probably, that I would like to price. It is a 1904 Seth Thomas mantel clock. It has brass feet, etchings, &hellip

My Gt Gt GrandfathersTravelling Clock
This clock was handed down to me as a family item. As I understand things, it was originally owned by my great - great grandfather, who was a traveling &hellip

New England Clock found in attic
My sister found an old clock made by the New England Clock Company in my father's attic. It is in above average condition and works to this day. I &hellip

Grandmother Clock needs an identity!
I know very little about this grandmother clock except it is no newer than 1950. most likely 1940's. It has no identifying names or marks anywhere &hellip

It's been in the family for years
I know nothing about this clock except it hung on the wall above our mantel for all of my childhood. It is a wind up but there is no key. It says 8 &hellip

1894 wood plate "L.SCH." signed cuckoo clock
I just acquired this old cuckoo clock. It is signed in 2 places and initialed on the back door beneath a white sticker. I'd like to know if any of &hellip

W.L. Gilbert Clock
I have a Gilbert Mantel Clock that is brass and it is a horse with the clock in a rock. I can read the serial number on the back and everything, but I &hellip

Yard sale treasure
I bought this Ansonia clock at a yard sale for $50. The glass door was broken off, the figure was loose, and the hands were loose. Plus they said it did &hellip

Ingram Black face clock
I have an Ingram black face mantle clock. The back board of the clock says Ardine, Patented Sept 1, 188? (the last number is missing). The clock &hellip

Son give's Mom a clock!
It is a Simsbury Model, Seth Thomas Mantle clock that is 8 day,has Westminster Chimes 1/4 hour. It appears to be made in the 40's Wood veneer, bowed glass &hellip

Help me restore a Derry Mfg. Co. Derry N.H. Banjo Wall Clock
A Clock company in Lafayette CA took this clock apart and told me it is signed inside by the Derry Mfg. Co. and made in the early 1900's(1906?). It &hellip

moms clock
This clock that My Mother gave me has a Sessions paper face, but on the back of the face plate is inscribed the year 1899 saying the chime hammer was replaced &hellip

Mantle pendulum clock
The clock has two lion heads one on either side of the clock.It has a head of a man on the top. The door is all glass, with a design on the lower half. &hellip

Schatz 400 Day Clock
This is a Schatz Anniversary Clock given to my grandfather early 20th century. Plate Height 88cm Plate Width 66cm Gap 30cm No Inspection Holes 4 &hellip

Yard Sale Find - Seth Thomas?
I am assuming that it is a Seth Thomas clock, it has the letters ST inside a diamond on the painted glass. The Clock still runs, I think it must be an &hellip

I came across this interesting Clock made by United Clock
This clock was made by the United Clock Corp. Model No.84. The ID Tag is still attached and reads as follows: "United self-staring CLOCKS feature" &hellip

Is this tall clock worth moving?
This clock is 200 miles away in a home that needs to be cleared. It no longer works but looks good. It could be as new as 50 years old, but can be &hellip

Our family's Black Forest Cuckoo Clock
My Late Brother-in-law and his wife, my sister, were stationed in Germany (Army) from late 1969-thru early 1972 in the area I believe is called Bauhmholder. &hellip

Can You Help us Identify this clock?
We were told that this clock is from FRANCE at around the turn of the century. It came home with a Great-Grandfather from his Merchant Marine days. &hellip

Movers lost our pendulum
My wife and I purchased this beautiful wall clock while stationed in Germany. It is a Gustov Becker and in wonderful condition, runs perfectly, that is &hellip

New England Grandfather Clock
We inherited a New England Grandfather clock . It was made in the mid 60s. It keeps perfect time. It is a Cotley design, or was named after a clockmaker &hellip

Germany coo coo clock
My uncle gave me this clock. It is a great looking piece, but I have no idea about it or who made it. It semi-works. I'm not sure how to use &hellip

What is this label telling us?
Dad obtained this clock at an estate sale 40 years ago. It has been displayed just as he brought it home. It has half a label on the back. I think &hellip

Waterbury Parlor #76 porcelain clock
I know it works. it chimes beautifully and it is in excellent condition with minor crazing. I was told by a clock guy who oiled it or cleaned it for &hellip

One of a kind?
All I can tell you is that I have possibly dated it to around the 1960's. It is a key wind clock and runs perfectly. But has no maker on the clock face &hellip

Garage sale find
Hi, All I know is that I purchased this clock at a yard sale and I have done a little research to try to find out anything I can about it. So far I &hellip

4th generation Pennsylvania tall clock
My father tells me that this clock was in his mothers family, but I can't even figure out who made it. The paperwork inside the door says "Chirstian &hellip

My Bow-tie Clock
I bought this clock about 20 years ago because I thought it was so unique. I love it when it's lit. The maker was United Clock Corp. of Brooklyn, but &hellip

E Ingraham clock from my grandfather
My grandfather gave this clock to his mother in 1909 as a birthday gift. It is an E. Ingraham Company clock made in Bristol, Conn. It has "Detroit" &hellip

garage sale find
Hi, I bought this clock at a garage sale just a week ago and I would say it's comparable to the pillars mantel clock. It does not have the handles &hellip

Can anyone please identify my clock?
Hi, I have an Antique clock - the identical clock as in the picture although I am missing the base. Can anyone please help me identify it's maker &hellip

Need Information on Old Sessions Clock Please
This clock came from my great grandmothers house in Northern Michigan. The clock and alarm work. I was just wondering if anyone knows its value, or &hellip

Uncle Bill's Clock
I received this clock from my uncle in Shelby, North Carolina back in the 1970s. He got the clock from an employer many years earlier. I have no background &hellip

Hi, I found an old Seth Thomas clock in an old log cabin out in the desert years ago. I decided to try and find some information about the clock, but &hellip

New Haven Gothic Spring Clock - Trying to find out year and Value?
I don't know much about this clock. It is made by The New Haven Clock Company. I'm thinking it is from the late 1800's. According to the paper label, &hellip

Pendule D'Officer style French alarm clock
This is a bronze, gilt, very heavy alarm clock made in the style of a Pendule D'Officer with beautiful pierced scroll hands, porcelain dial, and arabic &hellip

My Grandma Garnett's clock
I know that my grandmother recieved this clock from her mom or grandmother. It appears to be a Seth Thomas calendar clock from the Webb C Ball Co. &hellip

Yard sale find
I bought a clock at a yard sale. The name on the face of the clock says Gilbert 1807. After searching on the internet it looks like a banjo clock. &hellip

Mantle Clock
I met a guy who ran an eBay store some years ago he gave me this clock that he had gotten in trade. The case is made out of some kind of black stone &hellip

Command Alarm Clock
I purchased this at a garage sale and wanted to know more about it. It still runs now that I put a new plug on it. Thank you.

Need help identifying a mantle clock
It is an old worn mantle clock. The key wind works. There are no clock maker IDs on the face or movement. The top of the clock cabinet has a carved &hellip

New haven Clock Company - Help me date it and more!
This is the second clock I am posting on this site. Unlike the first, the paper label on the back is intact. This is the only reason I know the maker. &hellip

1972 Pennwood Numechron Central Standard Time Metal Case
This clock has a 1972 Pennwood Numechron flip clock mechanism but is housed in a case I have never seen made by them. The case is metal with an on off &hellip

A Gift from Mom
I inherited this clock from my mother-in-law. She told me it is a Seth Thomas from 1865, however, I have not been able to locate any information on it. &hellip

Clock given to me by my grandfather
I don't know anything about this clock, just that it sat on a table since I can remember. I know it's a Waterbury, but other than that I haven't a clue. &hellip

Self Start Clock
The clock has "E Ingraham Company self start clock". It is probably a reproduction as it is made of plastic looks gothic. It was part of a collection &hellip

New Haven Mantle Clock
Inherited the clock pictured here. Not sure what it is worth. Noticed the same type of clock is posted on this website as well. Any help is appreciated. &hellip

How much is my clock worth?
Can someone help me determine how much this Waterbury Regulator style 8 day wind up clock made in 1902 is worth? Any help would be appreciated. &hellip

Yard Sale find
I dont know anything about this clock except that the lady said it was from the 1800's. I love and buy keyed clocks all the time and this one has me baffled. &hellip

Family Clock Moved From New Haven, CT to Cleveland, OH
I have a mantel clock that was purchased by my ancestors who lived in New Haven, CT. I was told that this clock was transported to the Cleveland, OH area &hellip

My Grandfather's grandfather clock
This clock belonged to my Grandfather and was in St. Louis, MO in the early 1900's , I've heard it is much older but don't really know. Any info is appreciated. &hellip

Clock from Mom and Dad
Hello, I inherited an antique clock from my mom and dad. They were both killed in a car accident so I really don't have a history on it except my dad &hellip

Need more information!
I have an E.N. Welch 8-day kitchen clock I need more information about. The only information I can see is on the movement and all there is, is the company &hellip

Windup alarm clock Made in Great Britain
Does anyone know the who and when of this clock. My wife's sister came by it in an opp shop. It is my task to make it go again. I would like to find &hellip

New England clock
I doubt very much that this clock is an antique but , I recently got it at a storage bin sale. It is a wall clock without glass over the face. I dont &hellip

Help Me Sleep!
My husband and I purchased this clock for $25 at an estate sale this weekend and we are in love with it. I have been up all night trying to figure out &hellip

1960 steeple mantle clock
Light wood New England Clock Co. eight day spring wound, Farmington or Bristol Conn. NECC67. Would like to know more about this clock and what it might &hellip

Waterbury monster
This clock has been sitting in the attic for years. As a kid, I remember the chime had a very nice sound to it. I have looked everywhere I can think of &hellip

A clock that could be rare and needs identiiying
All I know about this clock is that is made by Seth Thomas. In the middle of the dial, it says Seth Thomas and it kind of somehow resembles a Seth Thomas &hellip

Need information on E. Ingraham clock.
The label on the back of the clock is partially destroyed but what is readable says: "Verona Half Hour Strike Cathedral Gong Patent Regulator" "The &hellip

What is this Clock
I dont really know about this clock so I need help. All I know is that this clock has Seth Thomas' signature in cursive in the center of its dial. &hellip

Old French clock
I have this clock thats been in my family for generations, and I am having trouble finding information on it. Can anybody help? It is a mantle clock &hellip

L. S. Mayer vintage travel clock
We found an apparent travel clock that is circular and measures 3 1/2 inches in diameter. The writing on it indicates "L.S. Mayer Germany no jewels". &hellip

Grandfathers electric mantel clock
Hi, My grandfather, when he was alive, knew that I liked clocks as a child, so he gave me an old electric clock. It's a beautiful clock, if a little &hellip

F. Kroeber Clock Company
We just bought a clock that is marked "F. Kroeber Clock Company, New York, USA, Patent Pending Oct. 9, 1894". It is a porcelain or china clock that &hellip

Rare Ansonia Clock?
I inherited this clock from my late father. I tried to identify it by looking at 1,979 pictures on some website but could not find a match, which tells &hellip

Antique Seth Thomas captain's clock
The clock has a wooden frame that is double faced. The time is on top face and it says "patented on Dec 28, 1875". The month and day of week are on &hellip

The clock in Mom's Atttic.
It had been in the attic since I remember (about 8 years old) that was 40 years ago. It was made by Sessions Clock Company, is about 3 foot tall (a wall &hellip

When was my clock made?
I am told that my cuckoo clock was made in the 1800's. The manufacturer was Phillip Haas to the best of my knowledge. On the back of the clock case &hellip

My Grandma's Clock
I would really like some help identifying this clock model. The clock was made by the E. Ingraham Co. I believe between 1861 & 1880. It has a NO.7. &hellip

My Family's Time
I got this mantel clock from my deceased cousins husband who also recently passed away.I'm sure it was his parents or grandparents clock. It is made &hellip

Mystery grandfather clock
I have a grandfather clock that measures over 7 feet tall. It has a carved casing I think in oak. The face is brass with three brass weights. It chimes &hellip

German Mantle clock
Hi, I found this clock without the pendulum leader. It chimes every 15 minutes and has a silent lever at 3 o'clock. I am in the process of restoring &hellip

I got this at a yardsale.
On the back, most of the label is gone. What I can read of it is says "eight day, half hour strike, cathedral gong, turn back clock". After that is &hellip

Chelsea Shipbell Clock
I found my clock in a second hand store, loved it and have been learning more about Chelsea clocks. I liked it because it was so heavy and unusual. &hellip

William Gilbert Clock
I have a clock made by the Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Company of Winsted, Conn. At the top of the dial it says 'Pat Mar 21-76. The clock keeps perfect time. &hellip

Did this Clock even exist?
The clock I have is a Seth Thomas Hotel Wind-up Clock. I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure its from (or around) the year 1873. It operates on 2 Dry &hellip

Self Winding Clock Co, New York
This Self Winding Clock was given to my husband after his grandfathers death. It's a Self Winding Clock Co. clock. The movement number is 35041. It &hellip

Grandpas clock
The clock that me and my father inherited after my grandpa passed away is a clock that hasn't seen the light of day in 20 plus years. I'm only 19. &hellip

My great, great grandfather's clock
I inherited this clock from my grandfather (who inherited it from his grandfather) 12 years ago when he passed away. It did not work when I received it &hellip

Antique table clock was 100 years old 33 years ago
We were given this table clock as a wedding present 33 years ago, and we were told that it was over 100 years old at that time. Can anyone help me identify &hellip

Grandfather Clock from Berlin?
I wish that I knew more about the clock that sat in our livingroom for all my days growing up. I have recently inherited this clock and wish that I had &hellip

A beautiful clock at the flea market
I purchased a Sessions clock, Model 2W in mint condition, at a local flea market. I didn't know anything about the Sessions clock but I just loved this &hellip

Ansonia clock. Clueless
My Grandmother had this clock and she gave it to me before she passed. I know nothing about clocks. I know it's an Ansonia clock. Says it on front &hellip

Family Find in Garage
This mantel clock is a Seth Thomas. It was made in Thomaston, Connecticut. Our research leads us to believe it is from the 1880s or early 1900s before &hellip

8 Bells Liberty Clock
It is approx. 8 inches across the face and chimes on the 1/2 hour as well as the hour. 8 chimes at 12, 4 and 8. It adds a chime for each 1/2 hour. &hellip

My Grandma's Old Waterbury Mantle Chime Clock
This clock was left to me after my dad passed last year. I have the receipt from when my great grandpa Holdridge purchased it (Dec. 6, 1918) from Mathauer &hellip

Lion eyes
I purchased this beautiful Grandfather clock at a local auction. There was no information about the clock from the auction house. The clock maker's name &hellip

Is this an antique clock?
I know nothing about clocks. My Mother recently passed away and she had this clock that has no markings on it at all. It is a very heavy wood clock with &hellip

Building a replica, but can't ID the movement
Hi - well as the title suggests, I'm building a replica of a mantel clock that has been in our family since the 1960's. It was included with the purchase &hellip

Please help Identify this clock. age, maker, etc.
I just bought this sweet, pine grandfather clock. although I am not sure it qualifies since it has a battery in its face. The lady said her father bought &hellip

Nana's tea time clock
My husband inherited this clock recently from his mother and I would like to know everything there is to know about it! The clock has been sitting on &hellip

Double Statue Clock Inquiry

French honeymoon cuckoo
My parents bought a cuckoo on their honeymoon in the 1960's but I suspect that the clock was a bit older as it states made in Germany and more recent versions &hellip

My Grandmothers Clock
I believe its a Sessions Carolotta - its in very good condition but I know nothing else about it. I don't have a key for it and it may need some work &hellip

Hark Clock with weather vane top
It was bought around late seventies or early eighties has a weather vane top and pull weights,shape of a steeple

Great Grandpa's Clock
This clock was inherited from my grandpa, who got it from his father. It was made by Seth Thomas, but does not look like any others I have seen. &hellip

Old longcase clock!
I don't know much about this clock, its a longcase clock that has "Tryall Rider Manchester" printed on the top of the clockface. It's much like the Tryall &hellip

I have a clock that was given to me by dad. He was staitioned in Germany in 1952. He bought a JUNGHANS ATO and had it shipped home. It is battery &hellip

It was in my mothers home. It is said to be unique. It has a "Gilbert 1807" and below "made by Gilbert at Winsted, Conn USA". It has two keys and &hellip

I wish I knew about this clock
This clock was given to my great grandmother and grandfather as a marrage gift from another relative. All the pieces are there and the clock works and &hellip

Rescued From the Yard Sale
My mom, not a sentimental person, let me know she was having a yard sale in preparation of her house going on the market and a future move to a warmer &hellip

My Grandmother's Clock
On the hour it chimes 16 times and has a gorgeous. It is brass (?) with a glass front and metal face and roman numerals. It is very heavy if you pick it &hellip

A friends clock
I was at dinner last night with some friends and spotted their Carriage clock - If looked like Longwy although I'm uncertain - sadly it is engraved on &hellip

Heirloom Wall Clock
I inherited some clocks from my grandmother who spent 12 years in Germany in the 50s with my grandfather who was a major in the military. They sold &hellip

Need info
My father had this clock given to him by his aunt, and my mother gave it to me after he passed. I was just looking at it today and was curious about &hellip

True Time Tellers To-Tem Alarm Clock
I know nothing about this clock, as it was recently given to me. It is a True Time Tellers To-Tem Alarm Clock, made by the New Haven Clock Company, USA. &hellip

Help with New Haven Kitchen Clock
I have a New Haven Kitchen Clock with a label on the back indicating that it is an "Avon." Can anyone tell me when this clock was made, type of movement, &hellip

Found this clock at an auction
All I know about the clock, is that inside on the works its says "1906" and the "Gilbert Clock Company, Winsted, Conn. USA". In pencil on the back &hellip

Is it French, English or some other origin?
This clock came from the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago and was inherited by us. We know absolutely nothing about it. The clock works have been replaced &hellip

A gift of Time
I know very little about this clock. I was told it is a "Captain's Mantle Clock." It was given to me as a gift from a friend, because I once told him &hellip

It's all about family
This grandfather clock has been in my husband's family he thinks for about 30 years. They brought it over from Germany in 1978. We would like to know &hellip

The wooden cabinet measures 16 in. high and 8 in. wide but the bottom is 10 in. wide. On the back is a label that reads: ALAMO MANUFACTURED BY Wm. L.Gilbert &hellip

Waterbury "Edmond" mantel clock
I inherited this clock from my grandmother. It is a Waterbury "Edmond" mantel clock in good condition with the key. Can anyone tell me more about it. &hellip

July 1892 Seth Thomas mantle calendar clock
The dials were replaced with hand painted ones. I want to know what the name of this clock is so I can find some replacement dials.

Seth Thomas Grandfather - help ID please
First off, I apologize that I didn't take photos of the face or movement before it was removed for maintenance, but hopefully the photo of the cabinet &hellip

How old is this clock and how much is it worth?
Hi there, I recently acquired this clock at a flee market. However, I have no idea how old it is, the only thing I know is it's made by William L. Gilbert, &hellip

Antique Picture Clock?
This clock was brought back from Germany by my grandparents many years ago. No one ever got the information from them as to its origin etc. I have searched &hellip

Mystery Woman Clock
I purchased this swing arm clock from a little shop. I have been told it may be a Ansonia clock or from France. There are no markings on it to say who &hellip

German clock in glass frame with coins
Hi, this clock was given to my parents and I don't know, really, anything about it. It has what looks like tin or some other type of metal inlays with &hellip

Mystery lady clock
I have no info on this clock. I saw it in a little shop and just had to have it. Something different and no one I have talked to or showed it to can tell &hellip

Antique Flower Clock with Seated Lady
This clock was passed down to me by my grandmother. I don't have any information on it. I wish I had some spectacular story about it, but I don't. &hellip

My nameless clock
I own a French bronze mantle clock with matching candelabras. I bought this clock in Puttenlage Aux Lacs, 8 years ago. I bought for it's uniques style &hellip

Handed Down Wall CLock
Hi, when my great grandmother passed away I inherited her wall clock. On the face it reads Trend. On the back panel the model number says Sligh 0779-1-cl, &hellip

Clock from Abandoned House!
A couple had moved out of their house and left all of their stuff behind. My husband and I were the first to go through the house. We found a lot of things, &hellip

Mother's clock
My Mother found this clock in an antique shop in Morristown, NJ, in the mid 50's. The dealer was, I think, Henry Brown. Dad bought it for her for Christmas. &hellip

Antique clock passed through the family?
Hi there, I am curious to find out more about an antique clock I acquired through my mother. I believe it belonged to my grandfathers uncle and I assume &hellip

Help me ID this clock.
We have a mantel clock from "The New Haven Clock Company" One label on bottom says "Lincoln" and the clock company. Number on bottom is 10165, and &hellip

Curious About Hamilton grandfather clock
Hi! Hopefully someone can help me. I recently cleaned out my grandfather's garage and found a grandfather clock with the weights packaged up (disconnected) &hellip

Bat ball stumps bail clock
This clock was a wedding present to my grandfather and grandmother in 1898. It is bronze with bat, ball, stumps and bails. It was manufactured by the &hellip

Antique German Black Forest cuckoo clock
It's about a 9 inch tall house, with a bird on the top looking up with a red eye. There is one leaf in front of the bird and one behind it. There are two &hellip

My Grandfather gave me this clock
It was manufactured by Forestville Mfg, JC Brown. It states Brass Clock, Spring Clock. I believe it needs to be wound every two days. Around 10 yrs &hellip

E. Schmeckenbcher musical cuckoo clock
This was Grandpa Dutch's clock, I'm 61 so. Any-way, mine doesn't work either, at least not consistantly. It shows 2 wooksmen sawing wood and a &hellip

Two-piece clock
I know nothing about this clock. It was my wife's aunts. It has a German timepiece and takes a large 1.5 v battery - longer than the regular one. Do &hellip

Waterbury clock in a Case
I have had this clock for a long time. don't remember where I got it from but it's really a nice clock. It is made by the Waterbury Clock Company &hellip

What a find on a clock ?
Hello all, I live in Bolton England, UK and yesterday whilst looking in a shop, I instantly fell in love with a clock that was begging me to save it. &hellip

Gold Pocket watch
I found this pocket watch in my grandfathers things after he passed. I have looked for months. Maybe one of you can help me I.D. this watch. This is &hellip

Queen Elizabeth Clock
Sorry about my spelling and bad english because I am weak in English. I have recieved recently a mantel clock. It's a statue of a woman handling a &hellip

German WWII Clock
My Step-son's maternal grandfather removed this clock from a train station in Germany as a "fortune of war" following WWII. It hung in his home until his &hellip

Clock found in trash
My father in law found this clock in the trash and gave it to me. I have had it approximatly 10 to 15 years. I have found clocks similar to it on other &hellip

Wish I knew more about it
This actually can be mounted on the door. The back is stamped Ingraham, U.S.A. and the number 61. Does anyone know more about it?

New Haven 'Occidental' American Parlor Clock
I don't know much about the clock.Somebody asked me to sell it. I don't know what is it worth. I think it is a New Haven 'Occidental' American Parlor Clock. &hellip

Storage Auction Treasures
I found this Grandfather's clock in a storage auction. It stand approximately 6 foot tall, has (3) three weights and 3 chains. Inside the back, on the &hellip


Terry Long Clock or Fake?
Old Long clock the face says Terry at top of dial and at bottom it says [Masham?. It has a painting at top of a female figure in a landscape. &hellip

Marble or Jade clock?
I have a Imhof carriage(?) clock. It is 3 1/2" X 4" x 2". Is is an 8 day 15 jewel swiss movement. On the back of the movement is ways "Lever Escapement &hellip

Pre-war Seth Thomas Mantle Clock?
I purchased this about 5 years ago for $2.50. What interested me about it was: 1. the aluminum top and bottom, 2. more traditional hardwood case and face, &hellip

George Hoff (Lancaster) in Mass
This clock matches descriptions in literature about 18th century clocks made in Lancaster, PA. History of presumed maker states that he lived from 1733 &hellip

31day.wall clock with chime
I just want to know more about it. So if anyone can help, it will be much appreciated.

Please help me identify this mantle clock
It is a Waterbury mantle clock in porcelain and has Dutch scenes on it. At least I assume they are dutch since there are windmills, etc. About 8 inches &hellip

My grandfathers little project
I recently came across a Heco London coach 400 day clock, my grand father was going to throw it away. He is currently ill and does not have time to fidget &hellip

New Haven Clock - can anyone help?
Hello everyone. I was looking for information about this clock. It's a New Haven clock and it looks like it's either bronze or it was re-painted. The &hellip

Little Primitive Ingraham Mantle Alarm
I acquired this primitive little alarm mantle clock (the cathedral casing is about 6 1/2 x 11 inches) in rural Pennsylvania in the early 1960s. Its works &hellip

Grandfathers Things
POCKET WATCH: Gold, three panel,hunter case, twenty four hour face as well as regular time. No name on the face. In side the first dust cover is two hallmarks: &hellip

Antique Clock.
Hi there , I have a clock made by United Metal Goods Mfg. Company Inc. in Brooklyn New York. It says it`s Model # 82. I was wondering if it is antique &hellip

Help Me Identify
I just bought this clock at a garage sale. It is a New Haven clock, that much I have been able to figure out.It seems to work and the chimes are on time. &hellip

My very old clock
I have a Reglator wall clock made by The E, Ingraham Co. and would like to know more about it. It is also a 31 day clock. Any help would be great. I found &hellip

Seth Thomas Clock
I got this at a thrift store and I know nothing about it. It says made in Germany, has 379-c hand engraved on back, the face kinda looks like oil on water &hellip

Seth Thomas/Ansonia Company
I have a clock that was my grandmothers. On the face of the clock it is stamped with Seth Thomas, but inside where the pendulum is, it says manufactured &hellip

Grandfather Clock
I have a grandfather clock heirloom. Its believed to have been purchased in the early 1900's in Missouri. It's rectangular in shape and 2 ft tall.It &hellip

Inherited Treasure - Part 2
Hello! I inherited two clocks and was trying to learn more about them and also to see what they might be worth. I am not sure if this one works (don't &hellip

Inherited Treasure?
Hello! I inherited two clocks and would love to learn a little more about them, and of course, what they might be worth. I think I'll have to do &hellip

Seth Thomas clock
Ive had this clock for the last 30 years. I don't know anything about it. Its in great condition still working. On the face it says its made by Seth Thomas &hellip

1917 Car Clock ??
I have what appears to be an in dash silver cased clock dated Dec. 1917 with a 2 3/4" face. has a second hand at the top of face. large knob on face &hellip

Ansonia Pendulum Mantel Clock
Here is my Ansonia of New York pendulum clock patented June 14, 1881. I bought this clock at an estate sale over 20 years ago. I am interested in &hellip

Session mantel clock
This clock has been in the family for over 50 years and maybe more. It is of course wood and has identification on back Marked Sessions and below Sessions &hellip

Seth Thomas clock
I recently purchased this Seth Thomas clock from a goodwill and so far I know what company it is made by and some value. I know lots of history on the &hellip

New Haven clock
My Grandparents clock from my Fathers side, it was her clock when she was growing up. My Father is deceased, but would of been 87 as of today in 2010. &hellip

Identifying an antique tall case clock
It was made in the 1770s in Pennsylvania and then rebuit in 1820. It is one of the first tall case clocks to have an alarm installed on it. The face &hellip

I bought this clock at an estate sale several years ago, in Montclair, NJ. It has since fallen into disrepair and needs an overhaul to get it running again. &hellip

My Gilbert Clock
My Gilbert Clock was recently given to me by an Uncle who had it hidden away at the back of his garden shed. He had been given it many years ago by a &hellip

Grandparents Swedish clock
Unique antique wall clock Swedish/Scandinavian. Wood scroll carving on top. Face is gold/brass numbers/glass door, 22" HT from top of scroll to bottom. &hellip

Pretty Gilbert Clock
The movement is marked Gilbert Clock Co., Winsted Conn., USA with a number 9287. Also PAT. APL 28, 1896 and PAT. DEC 23, 1902. Open escapement with &hellip

Stansonia -- NOT Ansonia!!
I have a mantel clock that was owned by my great-grandfather in the early 20th century, possibly before. Printed on the face of the clock are the words: &hellip

Great, Great Grandmother's Mantel Clock
It was made by New Haven Clock Company in New Haven Connecticut in 1881. It is a woman's mantel clock. Wood, carved with a gold dial on the face and &hellip

Machine Age Leans Toward Frank Lloyd Wright?
As I don't yet have it in hand, I can't tell you anything about the works, but this is a cast metal Ansonia, marked NY so it was made after Ansonia moved &hellip

Seth Thomas clock
I was given this clock,is it original and what type is it and when was it made

The clock belong to by grandmother
It's an early New Haven clock that about all I know, trying to figure out it's date when manufactured.

Maconic symbols. Japy Fils. Marble MantelClock.
I bought this clock in Belgium on an antique market some 20 years ago. Its a heavy black marble mantle clock with symbols of freemasonry I think. The &hellip

Our antique store find
We bought this clock and wanted to find out what model Ansonia it is. We've searched and searched only to find a couple pictures of other clocks similar &hellip

Auction purchase cont.
Here is a picture of the back. Here you can see the workings very typical of Sessions clocks so far as I have seen. The label has been put back on badly &hellip

Auction clock purchase
A friend at work found this for me at an auction. It is a Sessions clock according to the label and info I have found online. The label says "Walton" &hellip

My Grandmother's Clock
I know that this clock was manufactured by the Wm. L. Gilbert clock company in Winsted, CT. The clock I believe is the Yale model. That is what is on &hellip

L.F Moreau - a nice old clock.
Hello all. Greetings from South West Michigan. Picked up this clock at an estate auction few years ago. The clock is a bronze/brass clock. It has a &hellip

Check this out please
Can you tell me anything about it markings on clock that I can see is: E. SCHMECKENECHER G.M. 1184288 1892176 25 WEST GEMANY REGULA

Trying to find out when my clock was made ..
I dont know a bunch about it ..On the inside of it on the works it has a name E. SCHMECKENBECHER and some no# g.m. 1184288,1892176 which I figured was &hellip

Information Please - Ingraham Clock
This clock has been in the family for at least 40 years or more. It is a thumb wind with two light bulbs. It measures 11 inches by 6 inches and works, &hellip

Help with this clock
Hi, I need help with this clock, where it was made, the year if possible. If I get by these questions, I have several concerning the door on the case, &hellip

I'm a clock illiterate.
This is a Sessions mantel clock that has a chime. It has 2 keys and "bob" with an "S" on it that is not fastened to the clock. The face is pretty worn &hellip

Need ID for this Gilbert clock
I got this clock in fully working order at a local auction but have not been able to find out what the name of this clock is anywhere. The paper label &hellip

Black Onyx Mantel clock
This was handed down in our family for 2 generations. We brought this to our local clock repair store and the gentleman there told us it was black onyx. &hellip

Found old Seth Thomas Mantal Clock
It is a Seth Thomas Pendulum Movement No. 89 (8-day) clock. It is a Mantal clock made out dark wood almost black with what looks like two light Oak inlays &hellip

My Mothers Clock
This is an Ingraham clock, with 4 columns on the front, marble type inlays with cherubs on them, and gilt front legs. It has both clock and chime windings. &hellip

A clock by Jacob Degen
I have acquired a small wall clock with an amazing movement inside. The back plate of the movement has beautifully engraved on it "Jacob Degen in Wein". &hellip

Antique Mantle Clock
So far it is inscribed with Made In France signed by BRUNEAUT has a stamp that appears to be a round circle with french writing and what looks like a star &hellip

Unusual brass clock could not be unique
I purchased this clock because of its weight and its apparent uniqueness. No brand names of any kind on this clock. But I know enough about metalworking &hellip

English Oak Table Clock
This clock was bought at an auction near Norwich, England for 100 pounds. It has no name that is visiable on it. It has Westminister chimes. It runs well &hellip

Old Timer - Wm L Gilbert 1137
A friend recently moved to CA and gave us a mantle clock that was her Grandfathers. The face has no manufacturer name and says only "Made in United States &hellip

J. Bennett Grandfather Clock
This J. Bennett has been in my wife's family for several hundred years. I think it dates to the late 18th century. I would like to know more about it, &hellip

Occidental by William L. Gilbert Clock Company
Back of clock reads: Occidental Mfg William L Gilbert Clock Company Winsted, Connecticut Our parents have had this clock as long as any of us can &hellip

Possibly Russian Mantle Clock
Another clock I inherited from a family member. From the design, it appears it may be Russian to me. Again, any info on a maker, age, etc. is greatly &hellip

Please help me with a manufacturer name for this clock
It is an octagon style clock with a wood veneer. It was given to me in the late 1980's in Utah and all I know about it was the fellow said that the clock &hellip

New England Clock Company Model 377 HH
It chimes on the quarter hour. It's got beautiful wood. That's what I know. I'd like to find out what its worth.

Passed down from grandparents
I don't know anything about clocks. It says Edward Glasgow on the front face. Also, made in France. It has the initials P F on back of the clock. Can &hellip

Antique English Robert Williams Grandfather
This is the Robert Williams Grandfather Clock with the dial on. Any information about it is greatly appreciated.

Need info on E Ingraham Co. mantle clock
My mother handed down a E Ingraham Co. mantle clock and I am trying to find out info on it.. What year it was made, the Value, and such. The glass &hellip

Please help id this clock
Hello,our family has this clock from 1960 . Please let us know if anyone has information about this clock.

Made in New Haven, Conn USA
That's all I know about the clock. The wood on the bottom (it's like a little shelf) seems to be added on. It has not defaced the clock as it is attached &hellip

Sessions mantel clock needs a date
My grandfather purchased this clock I believe around WWII in or near Detroit, Michigan. My mother tells me he never spent money so this was a very unique &hellip

Junghans/Leitner clock info needed
Wall(kitchen?) clock. Junghans Also appears to be Leitner(?) on it. Porcelian/delft? Would appreciate your help in identifying. Thanks so &hellip

Grandmother Clock which we think is made by JFC
This clock was handed down from my Gran to my mother, I'm not really sure on the value of this clock as it is missing the pendulum. I was wondering if &hellip

Gilbert metal case wind-up small clock
I have a small wind-up clock that is probably from the 1920's or 1930's. My mother had it, not sure when she bought it. It has a square face with a round &hellip

Fieldston-IW Help with history
My aunt has a Seth Thomas Fieldston-IW (model no. E515-003). I have been able to find some references to and IE model but nothing on the IW. It was &hellip

Green Onyx New Haven 12-day clock
This clock was give to me 30 years ago from an 85 year old German woman. I was wondering how old this clock is. I think it's onyx, but maybe it's marble? &hellip

Grandfather's cuckoo clock
My grandfather went to Switzerland in 1919 and brought back the cuckoo clock that's been in our family ever since. I would be interested in learning more &hellip

My old William Gilbert black mantle clock
Stamped on the working, seen thru the back whole is William Gilbert, patent June 3, 1879 Gilbert Clock Co. It is heavy and black, stands about a &hellip

What's my clock worth?
My mom always called it a baby grandfather clock. I think of it as a mantle clock. It's a Gilbert from Conn. 1809. Is stamped on the face. It's all &hellip

Passed on through the family.
It has an eight day chime and three winding holes. It has no name or any writing on it apart from under the glass front casing where it says silent or &hellip

WM. L Gilbert "The Boston"
We bought this clock at auction. Is was sold to us as " an 1900 WM. L. Gilbert 8 day kitchen clock with alarm". There is a very faded label on the back &hellip

Grandfathers French Antique Clock
I know nothing about this clock. It was my grandfathers clock and was given to me after my father passed. I want to find out what era it is, the maker &hellip

Salvation army store.
Hello, my name is James and I bought a clock from a Salvation Army store recently. The clock is made by Chauncy Jerome and has a hand written date on the &hellip

Wm L Gilbert - Mantle/Shelf Clock
Hi, I just purchased this clock and would like to know a bit more about it. On the Face Wm L Gilbert Clock Co. Winsted, Conn. With a G in a diamond &hellip

Mother's Gift
This clock was given to my mother from my father approximately 35 years ago and is still going strong however we have never been able to find out the value &hellip

Marble porcelain antique clock
It is a Porcelain Mantel clock, two piece. I don't know much about this clock, it left from my grandmother. I hear story that it was made in Vienna, &hellip

Can you help me identify my antique clock?
I have had this over 30 years. It is about 1 1/2 feet high, very ornate, roman numerals on face, below face painting with oyster shell. Below that is &hellip

Can not identify this mark HELP
It is a german clock that looks like it could be made by several of the manufacturers in the Black Forest region. What I don't know is what does the mark &hellip

The clock is a three-footed, all brass, alarm clock with "The Automatic" printed on the top third of the face, "Harvard" on the bottom third and "Made &hellip

Please help me identify this clock
I bought this clock in Dusseldorf Germany from a small antique store back around in 1993. I am curious to know if anyone can tell me who the manufacturer &hellip

Gilbert Mantle Clock
This is a dark wood mantle clock with the date 1807 in roman numerals. Also in the back there is a type of door and inside tells the history of clock. &hellip

I know nothing about this clock
I don't know much about this clock, that is why I am posting here. lol. It says REGULATOR on it and it is a 31 day, Jupitor, made in Korea.

Clock as Payment for Computer Work
The only thing I know about it is that it has 2 numbers on it the first one is 33698 and the second is 43 stamped on the back plate of the workings and &hellip

I have a New haven mantel clock
This appears to be an enamel very heavy wind up mantel clock, says built in New Haven, U.S.A. At the bottom is wood that has a hand carved # of W2567 and &hellip

English Gingerbread Clock circa 1842
English gears and bearings replaced with German parts many years ago. Gold inlay on clock window. Excellent condition and still working with chimes. &hellip

Old Beehive
This was my Great Grandmother's clock. She lived near Boston and had an antique store near White Mountain, NH in the summer.

Malachite clock
I recently inherited a New Haven mantel clock. It has the label on the back with the word, Timon. The case is made out of green malachite and is very &hellip

Helping a handicap friend identify.
My friend lost a leg and broke his neck so he really doesn't get around too well. His uncle from NJ recently gave him a grandfather clock. It's beautiful &hellip

1950s German - Switzerland Cuckoo Clock Regula plays Auf Wiedersehen
This clock is approximately 50 plus years old. It is quite beautiful and is painted in toned down colors. It has seven leaves on the clock and &hellip

Grand Dad & Grand Mother's Gift
This clock was received as a gift in 1932 to 1934? On the paper back tag it says Marigold Then in blue ink? 8 day one half hour strike #818 &hellip

Seth Thomas Alarm Clock
Sorry about the dirty clock, cleaned it up and camera batteries went dead. Anyhow, Seth Thomas 8 day alarm clock with 7 jewels. On the back it says Swiss &hellip


Wm. Gilbert Clock in Limoges 1906?
We acquired this in the mid 1950s. My Uncle was a collector living in Michigan and was staying with us. To repay us for the lodging he found this and &hellip

Miller Clock of Germany
This clock is orignally from my great grandmother past down to me. I have no idea of how old or how much it is worth. It runs great and keeps perfect &hellip

Need to know more about my lovely clock
Recevied clock from my father in law. Neither of us knew anything accept that in was in the family.

Small clock
Hi It is a small clock, dimension: 3" x 1.75"h x 1"deep All chrome metal with handle on top and 4 small pegs. What is about the age of this &hellip

Circa 1700, 30 hr. Grandfather clock
I received this Grandfather clock from my mother who received it from her father. My Grandfather purchased this clock from an antique clock store in London &hellip

Garage Sale
It is a mantle clock made by United Metal Goods in Brooklyn New York . It is model # 870 and has a Westinghouse clock mech. It is made with a dark wood &hellip

Ships Clock - Liberty ship
My father salvaged this clock from a liberty ship in the Panama Canal Zone. The clock is a Seth Thomas Brass ship's clock or engine room clock. The &hellip

Ansonia clock
I have an Ansonia clock which I am unsure if it is termed a gingerbread or not. On the back is a label which reads Vernon strike. It is light oak and strikes &hellip

Clock found in old house
I only know it's made by The Gilbert Clock Company.

1861 Ingraham figure 8 wall clock
All I know is that it has an Elias Ingraham tattered and torn label inside that clearly shows the pattent date 1861. It has more or less a bob for a pendulum, &hellip

Grandma's clock
My grandparents passed away about 5 years ago. My family was cleaning out the attic and found this beautiful old clock. It has cherubs on it and the &hellip

Antique Clock
I am wanting to know what year and how much my clock is worth. Here is a little info I got from the back of it. Citizen#18 Maunufactured by WM L Gilbert &hellip

Brass clock
This clock is approximately 7" tall with the top handle fully extended. It might be cast iron with a copper-colored plating? I'm not sure, but it's &hellip

Backwards Numbered Gilbert
I found a Gilbert Clock at a thrift store. It is numbered backwards from 1-10, gray and is blocky shaped. It has a long handle in the back that can be &hellip

Bought it at a thrift store for $20.00.
I found this clock at a senior citizen's thrift shop. The dial says New England Clock Company, Farmington Conn. It is numbered Ne 214c. It is a two &hellip

A Mystery Clock
It has a picture of three girls sitting down with a fancy gold and green border with a white clock face with four black paterns in each corner. Can &hellip

Mantel Clock by Sessions Clock Co,
The label or numbers on the dial appear to be paper. It has the words Sessions Clock Co, Forestville Conn. Size: 18" long X 4.5" deep X 10" tall. &hellip

Clock has been in the family over 100 years.
The back of the mantel clock has a label Wm L Gilbert Clock Co, Winnstead, Conn.. It also has the name Champion M. It's a light color and carved birds &hellip

Fretwork Ingraham Wall Clock
The case of this clock is fretwork walnut. The main body measures 11" wide x 16" tall x 3.5" deep. Including the trim on the top and bottom it is 32" &hellip

Brass Swiss 8 Day alarm clock with brass ring stand
My brother was a retired sargent major in the Marine Corp (deceased). He owned a brass 8 day Cross travel alarm clock with a folding brass ring stand &hellip

The clock was acquired when a famous hotel was renovated in Chicago. I've been told it's an antique by 2 dealers and it's a reproduction by another antique &hellip

Mystery clock
I know nothing about my clock. All I know is that on the front it says gilbert and 1807.

Sessions "Ardmore" Mantel Clock
This clock was owned by my grandmother and has been handed down to me. The escapement gearshaft bearings are seriously worn and I am in the middle of repairing &hellip

Pocket Watch
Nothing-------Don't know anything and I can't find any no's anywhere on watch. I have a paper about guarantee and the address The New Haven Clock Co.-----New &hellip

Handed down from family
It's a Wm. L. Gilbert clock co made in Winsted Conn USA. Model number Capitol no. 43. It looks like oak. Its in excellent condition. Just wanted to know &hellip

This clock has been in the family for years
Wooden Frame, Pendulum, inside it says E. Ingraham. I don't know any thing else. I would greatly appreciate any information on this clock. Thank You, &hellip

Is it a junghans?
I got this clock recently and I want to know what time period it belongs to, unfortunately I don't know too much about it except that has a crossed arrow &hellip

Grandpa's Clock
I've had it for 45 years. Not sure how long Grandpa had it before he passed away in 1966. It's gold/tin, 5" high, 3" across, 1.5" thick. A domed &hellip

Dating Mid-Century Modern Starburst Clock
Clock is a large 30" Seth Thomas starburst clock, Model Starlight E618-000.Clock has alternating 12 brass spikes with ball ends and 12 brass spikes. Clock &hellip

This United clock was from a friend of my great aunt.
As I am researching, I see that all the other clocks of this type might have been spray painted because the beautiful pink stone that is within the crown &hellip

Grandma's New Haven wall clock
I recently inherited a clock that I've had trouble identifying. I found this picture, but couldn't find any information to go with it. This is nearly &hellip

Anyone know the history or maker of this clock
We have this clock..but don't know it origin or maker. Do the letters HWN mean anything. If that is what they are, they are between the earth shapes up &hellip

Granpas clock
Seth Thomas Seven Jeweled Eight Day Ships Clock. Wind up clock works great and bell rings on the half hour and hour. On the back of the clock it has &hellip

Help me with this clock
I have a wall clock with a nice oak cabnet, beveled 3-piece glass on top and a convex glass. All brass works. The only symbol I have found is a cresent &hellip

Grandfather Clock No chains or weights
Wm L Gilbert 30 hr , cherry wood case ,that I know. Found in garage sale 25 years ago, no chains or weights. Could this be an original design or two seperate &hellip

Horse table clock
I have a clock that belonged to my husband's side of the family. It is a horse with a clock shaped like a horse shoe. They are set side by side mounted &hellip

Do you know anything about this clock
Hi I would like to know the maker and possibly what it would be worth. Both in an auction and for insurance. Thanks for your information and time.

Animated Sweetheart Clock
I have an animated clock by United Metal Mfg. Co. My parents ran a truck stop/restaurant near Springfield, Mo. called Seven Gables in the 1940's-1950's. &hellip

Seth Thomas Ship's Clock
I know that it's a Seth Thomas and that it's a ship's clock. I found an image of the exact clock, but other than that I can't find a date or value. We &hellip

Passed Down
To be honest,I know very little about my clock prior to receiving it from my grandmother's estate. Supposedly it was passed down to her from her mother, &hellip

Help Identiying Date and Manufacturer
Any help would be appreciated. The clock is 9 1/4 overall with a 5 1/4 dial. It appears covered on the sides and ring around the dial in leather or &hellip

Austin Legacy
I don't have a picture, currently, but it is a New Haven shelf clock owned at least by my great grandparents. The paper inside the clock says "American" &hellip

New Haven Alarm Clock
New Haven Alarm Clock (travel alarm clock??) Bought at Estate Auction It Works and keeps time perfectly Has original box and guarantee sheet from New &hellip

Dad's old clock
I know nothing about this clock, but there's a very old label on the back that reads B or E Ingraham Clock. There's a sailboat on the glass on the front. &hellip

Mahagony Grandfather Clock
My parents purchased this clock while in England back in the mid seventies. It does not have a name or number anywhere that I can see. It stands about &hellip

Inherited Marble Clock
I've inherited a couple mantel clocks from my grandfather who spent his retirment attending antique sales to purchase and repair clocks. I've identified &hellip

Old Schonberger Angel Clock
It is an angel with wings and she's holding a pen or pencil and is pointing to a book that is open. The clock is very heavy it is about two feet &hellip

Austrian Clock on Velvet Ribbon, French Works
Hi! Help! Well, I've searched all over eBay and Google to try to identify this clock. The only thing I found was an article written about "Pull Cord" &hellip

Westbury RIchmond mantel clock
Hello, I have 3 or 4 vintage mantle clocks all in various condition of much needed repair. Is there any way to find out if they are worth repairing? &hellip

Unknown Calender Clock
Went to an antique store today and saw a Calendar Clock that was in pretty nice shape on the outside. Wanted to see the works but couldnt get into them &hellip

Any value to this clock?
This clock was handed down from my ancestors, but I have no idea as to its value if any. The frame is wood, though I don't know what kind. Can anyone &hellip

Gaudy french clock
Corinthian column crystal regulator, I think. A makers mark? It has an oval with an F on the left, a gearlike thing in the middle and a C on the right. &hellip

I found a little clock
My mother, who has been collecting things of all sorts for many years, is moving to California. She is unburdening herself of all her collections and accumulations. &hellip

Trying to identify this New Haven clock
I bought this clock a a garage sale for 2 dollars. It still works although I have been trying to adjust how slow or fast it runs. I cannot find a &hellip

China Waterbury Clock
I believe this was my grandmother's, but I know very little else about it. On the back, molded into the porcelin is the words, St Geo. No other markings &hellip

French Mantle clock silk thread movement
Hello I purchased a French clock, with silk thread movement, it is a mantle clock and comes in two parts, it is guilded, it only has numbers on the movement, &hellip

My Great Aunt's Seth Thomas Mantle Clock
It is a key wound mantle clock that chimes evey hour. - have had it since 1993. It has 6685X scratched into the wood inside the clock in front of the brass &hellip

Help Identify Grandfather Clock
My Wife and I recieved this Beautiful Clock from my parents for Christmas and we would like to know more about it. Mainly because we want to make sure &hellip

Ship clock from an estate sale
It has a Sessions electric clock movement and a patent no. 115,413

Looking for information about clock
This clock was given to me a few years ago by a friend. It does run and keeps fairly good time. I'm sure there are adjustments on it but I am reluctant &hellip

Wedding Gift
My mother and dad received the German clock as a wedding present from my Aunt in Fort Worth in 1952 who was an antigues dealer. There are no other markings &hellip

Old heavy Waterbury Clock
All I know about this clock is my mother recieved it from an elderly woman who said it was over 100 yrs old and that was back in the 80's, here are 2 pics. &hellip

Found this one in the trash!
This is a Waterbury Mantel Clock that has an alarm bell you can set on it. It has a wire coil that the hammer strikes. The case is made out of walnut. &hellip

Garage Sale Clock
My clock is made of metal and had a carriage with a carriage driver in the back. It is drawn by one horse and had a light post with a light. Everything &hellip

My Grandparent's Mantle Clock
I received an antique mantle clock of my grandparent's after they died. I know nothing about antiques and am wondering if anyone knows how to get these &hellip

I would like information on how old a Sessions clock is
It is a mantle 8 day key clock with the #322P on the inside back along with information on how the clock works and the name of the company. It does work &hellip

Grandfather Clock
Well, this is a clock I inherited. From what little I know, it came over to the U.S. on a boat from Europe maybe around 1850 or later. Various experts &hellip

Kitchen clock
This is from my dad's estate. It ran in our house for over 40 years. I can't find any name on this one. It strikes on the hour & half-hour.

What is this school clock?
My wife has had this clock for years. This is not an exact photo. Ours has a 31 day calendar, but is otherwise a dead ringer. How old is it? Who &hellip

Unknown date - Grandfather clock
Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this clock. There is no writing on the face of the clock or on the back. There are also no other &hellip

Old clock came over on a wagon
This clock is our 94 year old grandmothers that was her grandmothers! She told us it came on the wagon with her when she was a little girl from Pennsylvania &hellip

Can You Help Me Please?
I don't know anything about antique clocks and like most people from my age group I am being given this clock after my parents brought it back from Germany &hellip

Session clock
Sorry I will have to get a pic, but it is a mantel clock in a light cream color marble, round with two small round balls one on each side of the clock. &hellip

New Haven Clock Circa 1917
This New Haven Pendulum mantle clock with Duel Cyl Pendulum is filled with silver liquid mercury. I recently was given this clock that belonged to my Great &hellip

Heavy Ansonia clock. how old is it?
All I know is that it says Ansonia square pirate clock on the clock face and it is very heavy.

Seth Thomas Clock?
The clock I have is a wooden mantel clock that has a insignia on it which is an "E" on top of an "S" and what looks like a little "T" on the bottom of &hellip

Capner/Hearne Family Longcase Clock ca. 1790
This solid mahogany longcase 'grandfather's' clock has been in the family since purchased new circa 1790 near Philadelphia. The finials have been replaced &hellip

Great Aunt Margaret's Clock
I know that it was around Aunt Marg's house when my mother was young. I'm guessing it was purchased in 1930 or there about. It is a New Haven Banjo &hellip

Grandparents clock
I can remember this clock every since i was a child I was just wanting to know about how old the clock is.

Grandmothers Clock
I have a Wall Clock from my grandmother. On the back it says Eclipse made by E. N. Welch Manufacturing Co. No. 9302. Can somebody tell me when this was &hellip

Old Gilbert Lake Clock
I recently inherited an old clock that belonged to my grandfather. The label says: Lake No. and I think it may be a 6 Manufactured by Wm L Gilbert &hellip

My Grandfathers Gilbert clock
I was given my Grandfathers clock and would like to get a much information as possible. I have the following information from the clock. The tag on &hellip

Got the Banjo Look-the pickin kind.
This clock looks like a banjo ( the instrument) made by United Clock Co NY Model #260 its got a electric cord.I can't seem to find anything to identify &hellip

Welsh 1900 rare
Works fine. 1900 welsh non wall clock. The finish is in new condition to me. No scratches. No fade and paper is not at all discolored or faded or scratched. &hellip

My family's clock
I just sent in a picture of my clock, but it was of the back instead of front and I couldn't figure out how to edit it. I am so sorry. Here is the &hellip

Fell in love with the face.
Nothing other than that I bought it at a flea market in North Carolina. Paid $150 to have it cleaned and working. The man who cleaned it thought it was &hellip

My antique Seth Thomas clock
I don't know much about this clock except that it is extremely heavy for the size, weighing 8 pounds. It's beautiful & has a few marks on the back the &hellip

My antique Seth Thomas clock
I don't know much about this clock except that it is extremely heavy for the size, weighing 8 pounds. It's beautiful & has a few marks on the back the &hellip

A Gift From An OAP
I was recently given a 8 day mantle clock by an old friend of my grandmothers but I can't find any information about it. On the front if the clock &hellip

"Gilbert" brass, electric clock, Model 1501
The clock is round with a fence and horse decorating the right and left sides of the base. I wondered year of manufacture and possible worth. I need &hellip

1885 Grandfather Clock
I have recently come accros a grandfather clock with papers in it that say it was made in about 1885 in a small town called Rottenburh (Bavaria Area) shipped &hellip

French movement but is it French
I have a mantel/bracket clock which has a Vincenti two trian movement strikes on a gong half and hourly.The case is black I think called adamantine is &hellip

My Great Grandfather's clock
This clock was passed down to me by my father. As the story goes, his Grandfather (my Great Grandfather), Frank Lindner, made this clock for his wife, &hellip

The Clock
We got this clock from mom when she passed away. Just wondered what model and time period and value. It's pretty cool.

Hi, I'm trying to date my Seth Thomas ship's deck clock. It is all brass, and the rear of the case has the following serial number: R295. Can you help &hellip

Who am I?
This clock, from what I am told, was on a ship in the 1800's possibly spainsh. Piece itself weighs about 80lbs an is I believe alabaster and possible brass. &hellip

Ansonia Wall Clock
My wife and I bought this clock at an estate sale in Fresno, CA where we live. We don't really know much else about the clock other than it is made by &hellip

Peerless Gong, old German clock
I bought this at an auction about 10 years ago for $800. It didn't work, so I had the movement repaired at a clockmakers shop. I'd like to know more &hellip

Clock given to my grandparents as a wedding gift
My father (now deceased) inhereted a Seth-Thomas clock which was given to my grandparents as a wedding gift around 1921 or 1922. The clock, I discovered, &hellip

Wedding present to my grandparents
I wish I had my digital camera with me. I'm staying at my Mom's house due to epileptic seizures. I'm told that the clock was second-hand when it was &hellip

Zodiac Wall Clock
"Signs of the Zodiac" style starburst electric wall clock. Features ivory colored clock face center with gold embosed numbers with brass details. Wood &hellip

All I know is that it is a Waterbury Clock Company black mantel made in Waterbury, Conn. Does anyone know the approximate year it was made?

Modern and Reproduction Clocks
I have a Ethan Allen (on face of clock) "Colonel Steeple Mantel Clock"(says on paper in side the clock) with German works. It was given to me and I &hellip

Atmos and LeCoutre Clocks
What can you tell me about this clock? I am trying to find out how old it is and how valuable. It was given to a family member upon his retirement. It &hellip

How to Identify Antique Dolls

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Collecting antique dolls is a popular hobby that can be both enjoyable and used as an investment for the collector. Checking the manufacturer's mark is the best way to identify the type and era of an antique doll. However, you can also use the appearance of porcelain and bisque dolls to help identify if they are antique. If you are in doubt regarding the identification of your doll, contact a professional doll appraiser for an accurate opinion.

How To Protect Your Child’s Personal Information

Here’s what you can do to protect your child from identity theft.

Ask questions before giving anyone your child’s Social Security number

If your child’s school asks for your child’s Social Security number, ask these questions:

  1. Why do you need it?
  2. How will you protect it?
  3. Can you use a different identifier?
  4. Can you use just the last four digits of the Social Security number?

Protect documents with personal information

If you have documents with your child’s personal information, like medical bills or their Social Security card, keep them in a safe place, like a locked file cabinet.

When you decide to get rid of those documents, shred them before you throw them away. If you don’t have a shredder, look for a local shred day.

Delete personal information before disposing of a computer or cell phone

Your computer and phone might contain personal information about your child. Find out how to delete that information before you get rid of a computer or a cell phone.

Trademark Help - Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) - Contact Information - Technical Information - Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) - Other

The TEAS mailbox is monitored Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. ET, with the exception of federal holidays. A representative will respond to your request during the next scheduled business day. Please be advised that when a filing deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or federal holiday, the filing may be made on the next succeeding day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or federal holiday. 37 C.F.R. §2.196. For immediate technical support on Saturdays and Sundays through 10 p.m. EST, please call 1-800-786-9199 (select option # 3).

Please be advised that if the deadline for filing your document is today, you must use an alternative method of filing to ensure that the document is timely received. Information on alternative filing and payment methods for common document types is available on the Filing Documents During an Outage page.

A reminder that you may email [email protected] for help in resolving glitches or answering technical questions. Please include the following information: (1) your name, (2) telephone number, (3) serial number and/or registration number, (4) a description of your issue, including the name of the form you are having problems with (e.g., Response to Office Action Form, Request for Extension of Time to File a Statement of Use, etc.), and (5) a screen shot of any error message that you are receiving.

If you need general trademark information, please Contact the Trademark Assistance Center.

Certain Japanese half-width Katakana and full-width Katakana characters that have a consonant mark aren’t interpreted as the same character. When you use the CompareStringEx() function with the NORM_IGNOREWIDTH flag to compare them, these characters are evaluated as different because of an issue in the sorting rule. This issue affects all the updates starting on June 9, 2020 for Windows 10, version 2004.

Open the Command Prompt window (cmd.exe) with elevated privileges.

Run “reg add HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlNlsSortingVersions /ve /d 0006020F /f”

Restart the computer or processes to see the full effect.

Important If you have not installed KB4586853or later on the computer, setting an invalid value in this registry might prevent the computer from starting up.

This workaround reverts the National Language Support (NLS) sorting rule to version 6.2, which is used in Windows 10, version 1909 and earlier. When sharing data between systems, consider applying the workaround consistently. If you use this workaround, conduct sufficient testing and evaluations to mitigate problems caused by different sorting rule versions on multiple systems.

Can someone help me ID this insignia? - History

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